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While looking ahead to next month (which is not that far away – how is it already almost June?), I see that Saturday, June 4th brings us the Dark Gemini Moon. Then, when looking back on my blog posts from 2015, I discovered that it’s been just about a year since I started creating graphics for the New Moon, as well as the Full. June 2015 is also when I pondered the question, “why do some people call it the new moon, and some call it the dark moon?” and I’ve primarily called it the Dark Moon ever since (click HERE to read why).

Once again, I turned to people more astrologically knowledgeable than myself for what this moon will bring. First up, from The Dark Pixie Astrology, a snippet of an article called, “June 2016 New & Full Moons: New Moon in Gemini & Full Moon in Sagittarius” –

A new moon occurs on June 4th at 11PM ET in air sign Gemini. This Gemini new moon wants us to be a little more positive as we’re still in the Mars retrograde when this new moon occurs. This new moon wants to help us with our communication too, and with Mars in intense Scorpio in June, we could use it! Try to focus on what you had difficulty communicating with in May with the Mercury retrograde, and use the lighter energy of the new moon.

Then the folks over at Cafe Astrology had this to say in their post, “This Month in Astrology: Overview of June 2016” –

A New Moon occurs on the 4th in the sign of Gemini. By consciously tuning in to positive Gemini energy, we learn through others simply by being curious, and we improve our social and communication skills at the same time. We open our minds to more information, and we learn to truly enjoy the variety of different personalities around us.

Here is the graphic I created for the occasion. Happy Dark/New Moon Blessings!
Jue 2016 - Dark moon in Gemini

Dark Gemini Moon. June 4th 2016 at 10:59pm ET. Gemini is an air sign, with inquisitive, nonconformist, and changeable (yin/yang) energies. Magical workings include: planting seeds, new beginnings, cleansing, travel, communication, writing projects, clearing the air, making dreams a reality, grounding and centering, taking information and turning it into action.

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