Winners of the Exxp GIF Reaction Contest (100 Hive total prizes)

After announcing this contest a couple of weeks ago and only getting one entry, last week I decided to extend the deadline. As the second post paid out about an hour ago, it’s now time to announce the winners of the Exxp GIF Reaction Contest!

But before I get started, I wanted to talk a bit about what’s coming up next. I originally saw this as a two-part contest – first, the gifs, then the second contest was to be a blog post contest, naturally with a @exxp theme. However, given how things are going at the moment – not just on the blockchain, but I’m hearing on other social media that in general people are just… distracted… I think I’m going to hold off doing it until after the holidays have passed.

Instead, I plan to work on things involving curation and commenting. First up will be a Twitter curation thing like @theycallmedan used to do (and speaking of, @threespeak is picking up where he left off – check out their latest tweet from earlier today). However, I’m planning a bit of a twist, so keep your eyes out for it this Sunday. After that, as I said in my recent post, there’s something coming up after HiveBloPoMo is over.

Now, time to announce the winners…

And the winners of the Exxp contest are…

@eve66‘s entry –

@hiro-hive‘s entry –

@fionasfavourites‘s entry –

@nickyhavey‘s entry –

And the prizes are…

As I had said, I wanted to wait until I knew how many entries I had before deciding how to award the 100 Hive, to make sure it could spread the love as much as possible. Four entries makes the math pretty easy, and since it seems that Twitter is being cranky with Hive Tips again at the moment I figured it would be prudent to just send the prizes directly to everyone’s wallets.

So Eve, Hiro, Fiona, and Nicky – I’ve just now sent you 25 Hive each! Congratulations and thanks for your awesome entries!

Winners of the Exxp GIF Reaction Contest (100 Hive total prizes)
For my non-Hive readers, it means each prize (at Hive’s current value of approximately $0.13) is worth $3.25 USD. It might not seem like much, but as recently as six months ago, when it was closer to a dollar, the prizes would have been almost $25 each and when (not if) the price rises again, it will make them all the more valuable. Just figured I’d put it in context for those wondering.

Thanks again to @theycallmedan for sponsoring the prize pool, @eddiespino for his help, and of course @howo and @fredrikaa (the team behind the Exxp WordPress plugin). I really enjoy running contests like this, and I wicked appreciate your help and support in doing them!


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Exxp GIF Reaction

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