Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from September 9th 2016

Actually, given that it’s over an hour and a half after midnight, maybe I should call this a Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk on a Throwback Thursday (because I’m throwing back to yesterday… or September 9th 2016… I guess either one would work. 😂

I had this post mostly put together just before dinner, but then the opportunity to FINALLY watch Avengers Endgame with hubby and our boy presented itself, and I couldn’t say no. Silly me – I figured we’d be done around 11pm, but that three hour long movie seemed to last twice that. However, I won’t say anymore about it, given I’m sure there are people just like me who got spoilers ahead of time because, Internet don’t want to know anything about it other than its run time.

At any rate, for today I’m doing another Wayback Wednesday Walk from a day in September almost exactly three years ago. I was browsing through some of the unedited pictures I have from the second week of September, and when I saw the shots I got of a Hairy Woodpecker on the 9th, I knew I had to use the photos from that particular day, since @melinda010100 just featured these little guys on her latest Feathered Friday, and I thought she’d get a kick out of seeing them.

Now before I get to the pictures, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge for 9/11 and Steem Basic Income Give away which has some beautiful, if bittersweet, photos of some of the 9/11 memorials in NYC in honor of today’s anniversary.

Now, on to my photos from September 9th 2016!


September 9th 2016
Just after 8am, I was outside with our dog Sandy, and had to capture how the light was falling through the trees in the woods at the edge of the property.

September 9th 2016
Sandy was too busy sniffing EVERYTHING to pay attention to the light.

September 9th 2016
It was a bit breezy this day, as this windblown Chickadee can attest to.

September 9th 2016
This little gal popped up soon after – it’s the aforementioned Hairy Woodpecker.

September 9th 2016
They’re so cute! And I’m pretty sure this is a “she” because she’s missing the little red spot on her head that the guys have.

September 9th 2016
Keeping an eye on the sky in case Mr. Hawk decides to drop by.

September 9th 2016
Something seems to have ruffled her feathers…

September 9th 2016
…nope, guess it’s just time to clean her feathers!

September 9th 2016
She was very thorough!

September 9th 2016
I love that it almost looks like she has little hearts running down her back!

September 9th 2016
That orange-ish spot on near her beak would be red if this were a boy (or a juvenile, but I’m fairly certain it was an adult).

September 9th 2016
The leaves were starting to turn….


…but much like now, there’s still a fair amount of green.

I noticed a busy bee in a Yellow Common Zinnia near our front door…

…he buzzed round and round…

…getting as much pollen as he could…

… one minute he was there and then….

….poof! He disappeared while I was snapping another picture!

Then an Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly perched on an Orange Common Zinnia in front of our grill

Same butterfly, different angle.

I caught him just before he went poof too!

Around 7pm that evening, our landlady called to say an owl had landed on the basketball hoop in our driveway. I tried sneaking quietly outside, but unfortunately this was the only picture I was able to snap before he took off.

But given that the sky looked like this, I didn’t consider going outside a loss….

… I grabbed a picture of the crescent moon instead of the owl, and called it a night.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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