Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016

While I was hoping to get outside with my camera today, since the weather is actually nice for the moment, it didn’t quite work out. Although I can’t complain, because I did get to enjoy the fresh air, just not with my Nikon in hand.

So I’m once again dipping back my archives for my wicked wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016! Here are more shots taken in our Durham, NH yard, which happens to be right next to something like 700 acres of conservation woods, and gives us a bunch of awesome and varied visitors.

I did use four of these shots for Foto Friday post back in 2016, but the rest of the thirteen have only been seen by our landlady and her family.

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk Eisenhower park and Make me smile challenge collaboration results and Steem Basic Income Give away which features some gorgeous greenery in a pretty park in Milford Connecticut.

Now, on to my photos from July 25th 2016!


Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016
Actually saw these two out our bedroom window before I went out the door. I asked in a local bird watching group, and found this is possibly a pair of young Purple Finches

Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016
Mr Bumble hanging out on a dandelion…

Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016
…must Bee some good pollen!

Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016
Mr. Chipmunk hanging out in the shadows…

Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016
…. then he popped back into the sunshine….

Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 25th 2016
…must be time to take a bath!

Remember the ghost flowers from the Wayback post a couple weeks ago? This is how they look after they’ve bloomed…

…I thought they looked creepy cool before, but now they look even cooler.

They’re look like mini black roses

At first glance, I thought this leaf had holes eaten out of it by bugs. Then I realized it was just turning brown in those spots – made for a bit of an optical illusion.

Peekaboo sun

The sun highlighting the leaves

One last shot of the sun and sky before I headed back in.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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