Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016

I was hoping to have another new wander for this week, but since it didn’t work out, I’m back to my archives again for a wicked wayback Wednesday Walk from August 16th 2016. To be fair, I didn’t take these all within 5 minutes, but I did get them all over the course of that particular day (which, judging by the lighting, must have been a bit overcast).

I did use a few of these shots for Foto Friday post back in 2016, but the rest of the fourteen have only been seen by our landlady and her family a select few. 😊

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away which features some wicked cool buildings in Milford Connecticut. Oh, and thanks again @tattoodjay for the SBI! Much appreciated!

Now, on to my photos from August 16th 2016!


Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
If I recall correctly, I opened our bedroom curtains that morning around 6am (according to the time stamp on the photo) to see this gorgeous guy hanging out on the tree outside the window…

Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
…but I do recall asking a birding expert to confirm the ID – this is an Adult Broad-winged Hawk.

Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
Later that morning, as I meandered around the yard, I spotted this dragonfly hanging out on a rock.

Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
Our landlady set up a flowerbox on her garden wall, and it looked so pretty even in the gloomy lighting.

Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
She also tried planting some flowers under their memorial tree.

Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
These are called Moss Roses, aka Portulaca

Wednesday Walk August 16th 2016
There’s a beautiful variety of colors!

Some of these bloomed the following year, but after that, I don’t recall seeing them come back.

Just behind me, in our landlord’s veggie garden, a humming bird decided to say hello whilst perched on a bean stalk.

He darted off, but I managed to follow him over to the Shagbark Hickory tree

Looks like he heard something – maybe Mr Hawk decided to fly back over…

… or maybe not, since he seems to be enjoying this perch!

This was also the day I put out a new feeder, and Ms. Goldfinch had the honor of being my first guest.

I wasn’t as pleased with the second visitor however! Guess Mr. Red Squirrel didn’t get the memo that this one is supposed to be squirrel proof! Although I’m guessing by the look on his face, he was figuring that out… 😂


Happy walking & see you next week!

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