Wednesday Walk With Freddie August 7th, 2019

This week has been a bit challenging (and I don’t mean to be cryptic, it’s just that those are stories for another day). However, this morning before the thunder boomers moved in, I got a chance to take a Wednesday Walk with Freddie (our cat).

Yes, after Freddie adopted us this past November, we made the easy decision to make him an indoor cat. Easy, because we’d already promised our landlords that our cat Sid would never go outside without being on leash (something we’d already gotten him used to doing when we were living in our camper).

Over the winter, he didn’t seem too interested in escaping outside, but once the weather got nice again (and he got a gander at all the wildlife outside our windows), he definitely got cabin fever. We ordered him a purple harness much like the blue one Sid has, and amazingly enough, it didn’t take long before he got used to walking around outside wearing it.

The way he let me know this morning that he wanted to go out was very Freddie-like – I was sitting at our kitchen table (which is taller than the typical, and is more like a bar table), chatting with hubby, who was still home because his work van died in our driveway, and he was waiting for the tow truck. One minute we’re talking, next minute I have a big, furry, orange parrot cat on my left shoulder! Jim said loudly, “HEY” and Freddie jumped back down. We joke about how he must be magic because he levitates so well, and this was a prime example – somehow he managed to land on me and launch himself off without hurting either of us. Usually when he gets that acrobatic, it means he needs a good wander outside.

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away which features some awesome candid shots of people along his walk down the streets of NYC (my favorite is the guy with the guitar)!

Now, on to my photos from my Wednesday Walk with Freddie, August 7th, 2019!


Wednesday Walk With Freddie
I was actually standing here, admiring the sunlight coming through the leaves, when hubby came outside to greet the tow truck guy. He kindly ran back inside to get my camera for me, and right after he got back, I heard rustling coming from that cave looking spot…

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
…but if Freddie heard it, he didn’t show it, since he’s looking away from where the noise came from…

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
…and was apparently more interested…

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
…in chewing on some grass.

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
More rustling noises! Definitely got Freddie’s attention, right?

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
Nope, he’s wandering down the hill now.

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
Guess this bush is more interesting than the noises.

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
Looks like he found something interesting…

Wednesday Walk With Freddie
Not sure if he’s licking his lips, or telling me what he thinks of me constantly snapping his picture!

So to mix it up, I took a picture of the view above us.

Proof that we had a little sunshine today, in between big thunderstorms!

Wait! Did Freddie finally hear the noise?

Okay, if he did, he’s going in the wrong direction.

It finally clicks! Something is moving around on that big rock…

… Freddie spots the culprit…

… it’s a chipmunk, who scampered up to the top of the rocks!

I zoomed out, but it was hard to spot the little chippy unless you know where to look for him…

…so here’s the same shot, with an arrow. LOL!

Don’t worry, Mr. Chippy – it’s time to take Freddie back inside, before he decides to try to climb up those rocks!


Happy walking & see you next week!

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