Wednesday Walk on April 9th 2019 Color and B&W (#SteemBloPoMo Day 10)

Last week when I did yet another Wayback Warmerdays Wednesday Walk with pictures from my archives, I promised myself I’d have new pictures for this week. During the last week of March, my ET/Fibro kinda got a little out of hand, and while my body is still doing stupid things, I figured trying to get little bits of exercise can only benefit me.

I decided Tuesday (yesterday) would be perfect, because somewhere on the interwebz, I saw something that said, “Partly cloudy and 50sF(10sC)” so I thought it would be perfect for a short driveway stroll. Needless to say, Mother Nature thought I was pushing myself too soon, and whipped up a little rain/snow/sleet/hail/more snow concoction to keep me indoors.

However, I realized that there wasn’t anything in the “rules” that said I couldn’t take pictures of the outdoors from indoors. Yeah, @tattoodjay says, “Try and get out once a week for a short walk” but I could say I got out of my computer chair for a short walk around the house, right? So that’s what I did – I took a five minute stroll around the house with my camera and tripod, taking shots out the windows! 😂

Then after I got them all uploaded, I couldn’t help but feel they looked as blah as I felt about weather, and got the idea to go through and filter them all on PicMonkey for dramatic effect. I used the Black and White filter along with the Dark Edges, and I sorta like how they came out.

Oh, and almost forgot – be sure to check out @tattoodjay‘s latest post (called Wednesday walk challenge Mondo Ponds and SBI Give away) with some beautiful captures of the Mondo Ponds trails in Connecticut. And if you’re interested in joining in on the SteemBloPoMo challenge this month, check out my post HERE.

Now, on to my shots!

In Color


View of the side yard from our bedroom window – you can’t tell from the shots, but it was still snowing/sleeting a pretty decent amount

Another view of the side yard – same area the deer were hanging out last week

Other side yard and our landlady’s strawberry patch from our living room window

Nope, don’t see any strawberries growing yet! 😂

Yard view from our kitchen window

I opened the kitchen door for these next few shots. Decent accumulation on the grill considering hubby used it to charcoal grill burgers & chicken the night before!

Notice how the snow is already sliding off the hood of our car?

This would be a pretty sight in the late fall – not so much in the middle of spring! 😜


In Black and White











Happy walking and see you next week!

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