Wednesday Walk on April 23rd 2019 (#SteemBloPoMo Day 24)

Okay, so last week I said I was starting to believe that spring was here in New Hampshire after all. The weather since then has been rainy, overcast, and windy with very occasional glimpses of sun. I mean, know that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but they can’t bloom if the sun never shines, right? 😜

At any rate, I considered doing a post using pictures from my archives (specifically, a bunch of mushroom captures from a couple years ago that a gathered for a post I never ended up doing), but when hubby got home from work yesterday afternoon, he decided to work on his motorcycle (had to rewire his new saddlebags), and I figured if it was nice enough out do to that, it was nice enough for me to wander with my camera!

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk And SBI giveaway Around Central Park ) with some beautiful captures of the CP pond in NYC (I especially love the reflections in the third shot). And if you’re interested in joining in for the last week of the SteemBloPoMo challenge this month, check out my post HERE.

Now, on to my shots!


I haven’t taken any pictures of this guy (in the woods next to our house) in forever – I call him, Lion Rock.

The view around him is “Nothing but blue gloom skies…” 😂

…although there is a bit of blue peeking out here and there

As well as a little bit of green…

… okay, a LOT of green!

First, a reminder – I took this shot last week of the Solomon’s Seal that grows on this rock every year, starting to sprout…

… now, this isn’t exactly the same shot (I didn’t have the post on my phone to use as a reference), but close enough that you can see the difference

Again, last week…

… and now the plants really show up in the shot!

Yay! More blue! I’d almost forgotten what it looked like.

Another “not exactly the same spot” shot, showing how much the grass has grown in only a week….

…and here is what it looked before.

Spotted a red-winged Blackbird over by our landlady’s feeders, getting a snack before…

…flying up into a tree to sit pretty among the blossoms…

… while this Mourning Dove cooed, “Hello and good evening. Now go inside and leave us alone already!” from a nearby tree.



Happy walking & see you next week!

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