Wednesday Walk & Make Me Smile – Hampton Beach Seawall, August 19th 2019

It’s been about a week and a half since hubby hurt his shoulder and has been home from work, and while he’s limited in what he can do, lucky for us driving isn’t one of the things. As a result, he’s been spending a fair amount of time behind the wheel helping the eldest while she’s house sitting, while I’ve had the luxury of riding shotgun on most of his forays! It’s the reason I was able to capture the moonlit ocean photos I posted on Moon Monday, and the reason I have NEW pictures today, taken at that same location, the Hampton Beach Seawall (known locally as The Wall), on August 19th 2019!

While I really didn’t wander too far, I have to say that I’m amazed at how clear most of my shots came out. I was having a relatively bad tremor day, and didn’t have my tripod with us, so I used the wall again to brace my arms to act as a type of tripod. I’m so happy, in fact, that I’m including over half of all the pictures I took (wait, lemme check… 48 total shots, minus the 25 shots here is… yep, over half 😂). And just for the record, the only editing I did to these was resizing, and a couple of crops. While I do occasionally adjust the exposure for some photos, I didn’t want to risk losing the natural beauty of the sky in this bunch.

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk and make me smile challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away which features some wicked cool animal sculptures (including a dinosaur!) in NYC’s Central Park near the zoo.

Also, I’ve been meaning to jump aboard the #MakeMeSmile hash tag, and I finally remembered today while I was putting this post together (thanks mostly to seeing @tattoodjay‘s post title…LOL). For more details on the challenge, check out @elizacheng‘s latest post – My Vlog Journey Day 17: Special MakeMeSmile Edition Season 2 Episode 18 / 特别版 MakeMeSmile 第二季第十八集.

Now, on to my photos from August 19th 2019!


August 19th 2019
This is the first shot I got right after stepping out of our car, at around 7:30pm. This was facing us…

August 19th 2019
… and this was to our left.

August 19th 2019
Zoomed in to get a shot of the beach and buildings at the very left of the previous shot. …

August 19th 2019
…then zoomed out again, because THAT SKY!

August 19th 2019
I noticed a bobbing dark speck in the water and zoomed in to find someone fishing in a relatively novel way….

August 19th 2019
… as this is the more traditional approach to fishing at sea…

August 19th 2019
… however, in this ocean, there’s obviously room for both! 😂

August 19th 2019
Did I mention, THAT SKY!

August 19th 2019
And look – it’s a magical city skyline in the clouds!

August 19th 2019
Lots of couples strolling the beach tonight

August 19th 2019
The view to our left

August 19th 2019
Couples aren’t the only ones out for a stroll

August 19th 2019
Along with the people strolling, there were a fair number of surfers in the water…

…taking advantage of the choppy ocean waves, thanks to all the recent thunderstorms

I managed to time this one between beach walkers & surfers, so the beach looks deceivingly empty.

It’s obviously not empty, but no where near as busy as it usually is during a typical summer day. One of the benefits of visiting during the early evening hours.

Another surfer decided to head out to catch a few waves.

A couple was having a lively discussion while someone else noticed THAT SKY and was taking pictures with her phone

Speaking of couples, this one showed up around the same time as us, and provided some entertainment in their attempt to climb up the wall. There was lots of joking and giggling, but in the end, they made it!

And it was easy to capture a few candid shots, since they weren’t as close to us as the other shot made it seem.

Wait, did I mention THAT SKY!

Another zoomed in shot like the third photo – you can see the dog walker made his way almost to the other end of the beach…

…then, because I somehow managed to go in a kind of reverse order from my first three shots, this one is almost like my second shot…

…and to round them out, another one that’s from the same direction of my first photo, although it was close to 8pm at this point.

One last candid of the couple before we hopped back into our car. For some reason, this is the one that made me smile the most!


Thanks for coming along with me on my seawall stroll on August 19th 2019! Happy walking & see you next week!

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