Wednesday Walk in my Yard on November 6th Part Two

Last week I got the chance to go for a meander in my yard, and rather than just spending five or ten minutes taking a handful of pictures, it ended up being close to an hour and yielded almost 200 photos! I shared a couple dozen last week, and for this week I decided to do a November 6th Part Two post, with a couple dozen more shots of my wander.

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Also, as of this week, the #MakeMeSmile collab with #WednesdayWalk is now weekly instead of monthly! For more details on the challenge, check out @elizacheng‘s latest post – MakeMeSmile Season 3 WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile / MakeMeSmile 第三季 之 微笑步行星期三 that has some nice shots of the streets in Bangkok during Steemfest.

Now, on to my Wednesday Walk in my Yard on November 6th Part Two!


November 6th Part Two
Last week, my shots were taken in our driveway and side yard, as I made my way into the woods. This week’s photos were all taken in the woods next to the side yard. This was one of the first big bushes (or baby trees) on the path, backlit by the setting sun.

November 6th Part Two
I don’t usually filter my photos, but I wanted to capture how dramatic this bit of green moss was, so I used the B&W spotlight filter on PicMonkey to highlight it.

November 6th Part Two
This shot isn’t filtered though – love how brilliant the green is!

November 6th Part Two
The view directly above me

November 6th Part Two
Even though there are tons of acorns on the ground, there’s still a fair amount in the sky on the trees!

November 6th Part Two
To give you a better sense of where I am, I took this – you can see our house on the right

November 6th Part Two
A close up of the leaves on the third tree to the left of our house in the previous shot

November 6th Part Two
Closer still!

November 6th Part Two
At first I thought these were more acorns, but after I saw the picture on my computer, I realized they’re baby pine cones!

November 6th Part Two
This is a granite stone I call, “Lion Rock” because to me, it looks like a a sleepy lion laying on the ground.

November 6th Part Two
I also highlighted this in PicMonkey to make the baby tree stand out against the woods. I know where Charlie Brown can get his next Christmas tree!

November 6th Part Two
More leaves against the blue sky…

…most of the green is gone, but there are still bits here and there…

…love the patterns against the blue!

Another look up from a bit deeper in the woods

When I looked back down again, I notice this little mushroom against the base of a nearby tree

The white really stood out to me in the not so brightly lit woods, but it was harder to see in the photo. So naturally I added an arrow…lol

Tiny and oh so cute!

I’m not sure if an insect made these hole in this berry or it was something else…

Either way, something about the placement really Makes Me Smile!

Another glimpse above me at still more leaves against the sky

Not sure what kind of berries these are…

…but I do know they were wicked eye catching.

A view of the weathervane atop our house before I started walking back out of the woods and towards our yard again.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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