Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard, December 3rd 2019

Late last week, we started seeing reports of a winter storm heading out way, with the potential of six inches or so. By the time it hit early Sunday evening, it had been upgraded to about ten inches that would end by Monday afternoon.

As of 10am Tuesday morning –

Around 3:30pm, it finally slowed down enough that our boy and I were able to go out to shovel our snowy yard (since our girls weren’t feeling well, and hubby shoulder is still healing). Needless to say, I brought my camera and tripod along and took a break so I could take a picture or two. Okay, technically it was more like over a hundred photos… lol!

I decided to pick 18 of the shots for today, in honor of the 18 inches we ended up with. I have a bunch of new sunset sky photos too that I’ll save for a future #SublimeSunday wander.

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Now, on to my Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard, December 3rd 2019!


Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
Days like this I’m thankful our front door opens in! This is the left side of the porch, after I cleared enough to walk through.

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
I stepped (carefully…lol) off the porch, and took this shot off to my right.

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
After two and a half days of cloudiness, the sun decided to peak out just in time for it to set.

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
Not that I’m complaining!

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
You can tell how hard it had been snowing given how snow covered the trees are

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
Love how the trees are glowing

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
We had been planning to go to the town dump today to bring down this beat up kitchen bench and old grill…

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
…yeah, I think we can wait a little longer to go.

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
Amazing icicles that popped up overnight

Wednesday Walk in my Snowy Yard
The snow covered woods behind our house

The steps going up to our back deck

I think if the steps weren’t so open…

…there would be even more snow piled on top. You can see the piles of snow underneath that fell off

Snow frosted branches

As I walked around the back of the house and headed toward the front door, I was struck by how beautiful the icicles looked with the setting sun behind them

As I came around the corner of the house and back to our front porch, I noticed that someone didn’t seem to be too upset with his new attire.

Although someone else seemed to be trying to blow it away!

Even for how many times we’d walked in and out of the house, the pile of snow on this porch light didn’t budge. Given how hard it was to shovel the wet, heavy snow, it didn’t surprise me in the slightest. Apparently winter isn’t coming to our snowy yard- winter is here!


Happy walking & see you next week!


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