Wednesday Walk at the DMV on October 22 2019

Yesterday was a dark and dreary day, but since hubby & I had to go out and do a bunch of errands (awesomely chauffeured by our boy), I decided to take advantage of the change of scenery and grab some new photos. So for today, I have a Wednesday Walk at the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles).

Luckily, stopping at the local DMV early afternoon on a Tuesday is one of the “quieter” times (quotes because I don’t know that the office is ever really quiet…lol), so getting stuff done didn’t take long at all. But I still managed, while hubby was inside waiting in line, to sneak out of the small, people filled place and wander around the parking lot for about 15-20 minutes, snapping shots. I thought about trying to take some inside as well, but given the funny looks I got when I wandered in with my Nikon hanging around my neck, I decided it might not be the best idea. 😂

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Now, on to my Wednesday Walk at the DMV on October 22 2019!


Wednesday Walk at the DMV
1. I started snapping photos at the edge of the parking lot, since there was a nice bit of tree color. While you can’t see them, there was a line of cars waiting (just off to the right of those orange traffic cones in the bottom right) for the driving instructor to come out and conduct the practical test. For a very brief second, I thought about offering free “before and after” driving test photos, but decided against it…LOL!

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
2. Even the grey day couldn’t completely dampen the beautiful fall colors.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
3. No sun to backlit the leaves, but still a pretty view.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
4. It took a ridiculous number of tries to get a shot of these maple leaves, given how windy it was out.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
5. I didn’t think to take any video, but you can kinda see that some leaves are in focus, and some are blurry, thanks to the breeze.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
6. While the approaching storm wasn’t another Nor’easter like last week, it still brought a ton of rain overnight.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
7. Funny what a difference in lighting, just from dropping the camera view down a bit, to show a portion of the cars parked in the busy lot.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
8. I then decided to wander back over to the office, before any of those hopefully-soon-to-be-licensed-drivers needed to drive off. I didn’t want to add to their stress level by having a strange woman with a camera wandering out in front of them!

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
9. The official sign – I will say that, given how friendly and helpful everyone was to us, their customer service goal was definitely reached today!

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
10. I took a whole bunch of shots of the flags flying in the breeze, trying to get a good shot…

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
11. …however, it was tough timing it so that they were all unfurled at once…

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
12. …and after this shot (which was the closest), I gave up for the moment.

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
13. Different angle of the stormy sky about the parking lot.

14. I searched online for a goodly amount of time last night, but couldn’t figure out what these berries were…

15. …or what these trees are called, but there were a ton of them all around the building and parking lot. The front door of the DMV is kind of peeking out from behind this tree.

16. Whatever these are, they are wicked photogenic!

17. And maybe it was because I was getting hungry at the time, but they wicked reminded me of the Crunch Berries from Cap’n Crunch cereal! 😂

18. Looking towards the main road from the front door – that’s the locally notoriously very busy Route 125 going past the entry road. Looks like a got the shot during a lull in the traffic…LOL!

19. Another angle for the flags, and this time they cooperated!

20. The main entrance – when we first arrived, there were people standing just inside the door, waiting in a long line. By this time, the line was much shorter – again with the customer service goal!

21. Surprising to see so many crunch berries were on the ground, since the trees seem to still be full of them.

22. Man, I’m getting hungry…😂

23. The end of the line – I’m guessing at this point, there were only about a half dozen people waiting.

24. I thought at first this might be milkweed, but after Googling, I’m pretty sure it’s not…

Wednesday Walk at the DMV
25. …but I like the magical touch of the fairy-like seeds by the front door of the DMV, and it definitely made me smile!


Happy walking & see you next week!

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