Throwback Thursday – Sparrows, sparrows, and more sparrows

A couple of weeks ago, I did a collection type of post, featuring some of my shots of Blue Jays and Bluebirds. Last week, I decided to try to start a series of posts that show all the different kinds of feathered visitors to our yard. I quickly discovered it was going to be a much bigger project than I first thought, given how many bazillions of photos I’ve taken, and how few of them are properly labeled… 😜

Now I’m going to try grouping these in various ways, like summer birds versus winter birds, types of birds (sparrows, hawks), and coloring. Today I’m sharing some of the varieties of sparrows that dropped by my old Avian Eatery (I haven’t been able to maintain feeders this winter, for a myriad of reasons). Oh, and these IDs were made thanks to the help of Cornell Lab of Ornithology and a local FB bird watching community.

Hope you enjoy!

Taken with my old Olympus Digital camera

Throwback Thursday - Sparrows, sparrows, and more sparrows blog thumbnail
Song Sparrow

Male Cardinal surprised by a Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow in flight

White-throated Sparrow


Taken with my not-so-new-anymore Nikon Digital camera

Sassy White-throated Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow on the woodpile

Song Sparrow

Same Song Sparrow posing for the camera

Happened to have my camera on me, and caught this male House Sparrow in a local Lowes parking lot

Female House Sparrow hanging out on the Lowes sign holder thingy

Female House Sparrow in the Lowes parking lot, next to our car

Chipping Sparrows…

…aren’t fond of the paparazzi!

While this isn’t supposed to be a bird bath per se, try telling this Chipping Sparrow that!

A Juvenile Chipping Sparrow on the woodpile

Another Juvenile Chipping Sparrow

First Song Sparrow I’d seen in ages, back in March 2017

Yet another Chipping Sparrow at the feeder

Almost a great closeup of a young Song Sparrow

Thank you for moving away from the branches, young Song Sparrow!

This young Song Sparrow certainly enjoyed posing for me!

While nearby Chipping Sparrows plotted to steal my camera so I’d leave them alone…LOL!


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