Throwback Thursday – 13 Different Butterflies

Earliet today, after reading @owasco‘s post called Wednesday Walk Without Butterflies, I realized I haven’t taken (at least as far as I can remember) any butterfly shots this year. I’m hoping to remedy that in the next weeks, but in the meantime I thought it would be cool to try and figure out how many different varieties of butterflies have fluttered through our Durham, NH yard. So far I’ve found 13 different butterflies.

Some of these IDs I was more confident with so please feel free to shout out if I’ve made any mistakes. Also, these are shown in order from oldest to newest, taken between May 2016 and July 2018

13 Different Butterflies


13 Different Butterflies
1. May 21 2016 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on the lilac tree

13 Different Butterflies
2. May 21 2016 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly underside

13 Different Butterflies
3. June 6 2016 Butterfly (Astyanax Red-spotted Purple) riding shotgun on our van roof

13 Different Butterflies
4. July 3 2016 Long Dash Skipper (Polites mystic) and Iris

13 Different Butterflies
5. July 4 2016 Butterfly on the shagbark – maybe Red Admiral

13 Different Butterflies
6. July 5 2016 Butterfly – white when resting, light blue when flying – possible Summer Azure (Celastrina neglecta)

13 Different Butterflies
7. July 12 2016 Red Admiral Butterfly

13 Different Butterflies
8. August 2 2016 American Lady butterfly hanging by the front door

13 Different Butterflies
9. August 24 2016 Wood Nymph Butterfly

13 Different Butterflies
10. September 8 2016 Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly on Orange flower

13 Different Butterflies
11. September 8 2016 Dinner Date – Bee and Fritillary Butterfly

13 Different Butterflies
12. September 8 2016 Fritillary Butterfly getting a drink

13 Different Butterflies
13. September 8 2016 Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly, side view

13 Different Butterflies
14. July 27 2017 Red Admiral Butterfly

15. August 7 2017 Monarch Butterfly on Daylily

16. August 7 2017 Monarch Butterfly on Black eyed Susan

17. August 7 2017 Monarch Butterfly hanging out with a bee

18. August 24 2017 American Copper Butterfly and spider web

19. August 24 2017 American Copper Butterfly

20. August 27 2017 Common Wood-Nymph Butterfly

21. September 12 2017 possible West Virginia White (Pieris virginiensis)

22. September 12 2017 Butterfly -possible West Virginia White (Pieris virginiensis), different pose

23. July 2 2018 – Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma) butterfly

24. July 2 2018 Long Dash Skipper (Polites mystic) butterfly

25. July 2 2018 – Long Dash Skipper (Polites mystic) butterfly, different pose.


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