The WINNERS of the raffle for showing support to Steemit Bloggers are…

… going to be announced in a moment. 😊

First, I wanted to apologize for taking SO long to get this post done! The raffle ended on February 28th, and I did the drawing (and screencapped the results) on March 3rd, then it completely fell out of my brain! I realized my goof a couple weeks ago, but it still taken me until now to finally put this all together. I blame Mercury Retrograde (because, why not? 😂)

Also, a few other quick things –

Okay, now for the drawing. I just went through delivered all the prizes a few minutes ago, but to make it official and stuff…

To choose the winners, I used the random generator over at, and took a screenshot of the results (like I said, back earlier this month)…

The winner of the 1 Steem for a non Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives member is…

WINNERS of the raffle for showing support to Steemit Bloggers

Congratulations to @danieldoughty! Much appreciation for your wicked awesomesauce support! I’ve sent along your 1 Steem to your wallet.

danieldoughty wallet memo for contest

The winners of a @TipU tip for 5 Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives members are…

Raffle winners, tipu upvote

Congratulations to @joeylim, @blockurator, @thekittygirl,
@matkodurko, and @thereikiforest! I’ve left a comment with a tip on your most recent posts. Apologies again for the delay!

Tipu comments with my tips for contest

Once again, thank you so much to @jaynie, @zord189, and the entire @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives community for giving and inspiring the most amazing support during this past week, both on and off the blockchain. I am incredibly proud to call you folks my family! ❤️


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