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The last time @zord189 and the #PowerHouseCreatives ran the Love Your Steem Communities contest, I nominated the @pixresteemer community. However, the band PixResteemer & The Furious Four isn’t currently touring bot is taking a break from the Daily Spotlights, because the bot’s human is super busy with offline life stuff.

This time around, I thought I’d shine a light on a little community I helped bring together back in January of 2018 – the Steemit Tarot community! Here’s a little blurb from the intro post

Hello and welcome to Steemit Tarot, a place for card readers and enthusiasts alike!

It all started when people like @amariespeaks, @tarotbyfergus, @intuitivejakob, and @traciyork (to name a few) bonded over the Tarot Tuesday hash tag.

This account was then created (on January 20, 2018, to be precise) as a way to bring together all Steemians with an interest in Tarot and tarot-related awesomeness.

Feel free to join us over in in the Steemit Tarot Discord channel

So what kinds of things makes a post qualify as a Steemit Tarot community post? Anything and everything Tarot related! We’ve had posts about Angel cards, traditional Rider-Waite-Smith cards, Oracle cards, and indie created decks. There are weekly readings, readings for significant events (like the moon phase, or holidays), and daily quick reads. We’ve had deck reviews, tarot inspired #FreeWrite posts, and card-inspired artwork. I try to closely watch the tags for #TarotTuesday, #SteemitTarot, #Tarot, #CardReading, #Divination, and #OracleCards, and occasionally I will also browse through Steem on a quest to find new cartomancy coolness.

Since the beginning of the account, according to Steemd site, Steemit Tarot has made 723 posts! I’m not even going to try to do the actual math, but roughly if you consider the account replies (or should I say I reply, because I manually curate) each time it upvotes & resteems someone’s post, and subtract for the mostly-weekly Wrap-up post (which started in May 2018), that means the account has curated approximately 690 Tarot related posts!

(if anyone wants to correct me on the math, or knows how to find out exactly how many posts the account has resteemed, please feel free to shout out!)

Speaking of the mostly-weekly Wrap-up (of which there have been 32 – yes, I went back and counted…LOL!), each week on Wednesday (or Wednesday 2.0, aka Thursday), I put together a curation post for all the Tarot Tuesday and other related posts resteemed for that week.

At the moment, we seem to be holding steady at around 9 posts for each edition, and have a new core of awesomesauce contributors, such as @pixiepost, @enchantedspirit, @kimmysomelove42, @viking-ventures, @shaman-ra, @diahollyhemlock, and @sunscape, as well as a number of the original contributors.

Here a few guidelines if you would like to join in –

  • Your post must be original. If you include card interpretations from other sources (websites, books, etc), not only must you source them, you must also offer your own insight and comments. Readings that are simple cut & paste will not be curated.
  • If your images are not your own, it must be clearly stated (and obviously, they can’t be under copyright)
  • No bait-and-switch tactics (for example, “Here’s your free reading – the stars are in your favor, however it’s important that…. to read more, send your SBD to…”

Please keep in mind, if you plagiarize your content in any way, not only will there be NO upvote or resteem, you will also most certainly get a visit from Steem Cleaners and/or their cuddly kitty. Also, as there is no bot attached to this account, there are bound to be mistakes. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. 😊

A few other tidbits –

  • Every Tuesday, check out the #tarottuesday feed, or pop on over here to @steemittarot, for an amazing variety of readings, deck & card information, and other cartomancy coolness.
  • Throughout the week, whenever a Tarot related post is discovered, it will be either upvoted, resteemed, or both.
  • If you’re a card reader (not just RWS decks) and you want to join in, simply use #tarottuesday or #steemittarot (if you’re not posting on Tuesday) as one of your five tags, so we can find you.
  • Feel free to join us over in Steemit Tarot Discord channel!

We’ve had some amazeballs support from the Steem community as well – in the beginning, @bluemist not only helped me figure out how to delegate to the account, he delegated the generous sum of 500SP back when the joint was really jumping, so the account’s upvotes were actually worth more than dust. The aforementioned @pixresteemer is forever upvoting and resteeming our posts, along with the always awesomely supportive Power House Creatives and @theluvbug accounts. And on a few occasions, @theycallmedan has dropped a VERY nice upvote on our Weekly Wrap-up – all of which has really helped the account to grow!

At the moment, we only have two delegators – myself, and @phillyc, who used to be a regular contributor before taking a break from Steem at the end of 2018. However, I have no doubt that as the Steem price rises again, and more people flock to our blockchain, that our community will continue to grow and flourish! And as I’ve said before…


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