The return of my tremors & some pictures from last week

It was great while it lasted…but this week saw the return of my tremors. *sigh*

I knew it was a distinct possibility, so I didn’t freak out over it. Okay, well not that much and not for too long. I had a pretty decent stretch of feeling like a normal human being (well, normal for me), and now that I know what works for me, hopefully I can figure out a way to recreate it.

So I’m not going to panic about it (because, as much fun as it is, it really doesn’t help). It just means I need to get to work figuring out how I can get qualified for medical marijuana, and possibly see about getting some more testing done. Essential tremors aren’t supposed to be able to go into remission (or be cured), and I still maintain that while the rhythmic shaking (think Katherine Hepburn) definitely seems like ET, I also have random (sometimes fairly violent) spasms that originate from my diaphragm that haven’t been explained to my satisfaction.

So enough about that – now for some pictures! And while I said these are from last week, I noticed when I was going through them that they were all taken on August 8th. I did take pictures on a few other days, but between the raining and the shaking, not many of them were all that great.

Early Wednesday morning, as I walked outside with hubby (who was heading to work), I noticed some very cool haziness in the yard

It was sticky and gross out, but it looked so magical!

I took about a bazillion shots, trying different exposures and zooms to see if I could capture the magic

If you look closely, you can see spiderwebs and pollen in the air – nature’s decorations…lol!

I walked around the yard a bit too, trying for the perfect angel

Can you tell I was a bit obsessed? LOL

Last one, I promise – you can see the mist is starting to clear up now, in just ten or so minutes from when I started shooting.

The raindrops and dew on the leaves were pretty decorative too

As I walked back towards the house, I wondered what the strange track was – then I realized it was from me walking through the soaking wet grass.

The little tree growing on the rock certainly seems to be enjoying the rainy weather.


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10 thoughts on “The return of my tremors & some pictures from last week

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  1. Traci, these are gorgeous shots! You’ve really captured some amazing magic — now we just need to figure out how to apply it to healing you. Sending you loads of love and supportive energy!

  2. Sorry to hear your tremors have returned. Hopefully you can talk to your doctor and get qualified for a medical marijuana card. It seemed like you had a decent stretch of time without them, so you probably won’t need to take very much.

    Health issues aside, gorgeous shots, as always!

    1. She did recommend someone to go to for getting qualified, but I’ve also put in a call to my insurance liaison, since the first place is wicked pricey. And thanks so much, Adie!

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