The Little Things

I had a bagel for breakfast.

I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we’ve been without a means of toasting since the end of July, when we sent our toaster oven/rotisserie to a new family via Goodwill. We promised the eldest we would buy the Hello Kitty toaster she’s been dying for because she was such an amazing help during our transition. However, while our living expenses are now less, we’re still in the process of using our extra money to winterize and such, so almost $40 for a single appliance is a bit out of reach at the moment.

Then hubby and I stopped by Target a couple nights ago – our vacuum bit the dust (pun definitely intended) recently, so we were window shopping for a new one. While we were in the home electronics area, I noticed a nice, basic toaster that was on sale for $15. I said to hubby, “Do you think she’d kill us if we came home with this?” and he said, “Not if we tell her we still plan to get the other one as soon as possible” so into our cart it went. A few aisles away, we found the seasonal cranberry bagels and English muffins we all love, so we felt the Universe was giving us the nod.

Sure enough, when we got home, the eldest was able to counter her (slight) disappointment at the lack of pink on our kitchen addition with the joy of being able to snack on her all-time favorite bagel. I was more surprised by our youngest – she was the only one at the camper when we returned (the other two were hanging out at the arcade, as usual), and she immediately unpacked the toaster, plugged it in, and toasted a plain piece of bread. She buttered it, and after her first bite, declared “I missed toast!” We’d also gotten her a fleece blanket she’d been wanting for her bed – a large one with a Black Labrador picture on it, and as she sat on the couch, wrapped up and munching, she said, “I’m so happy right now.”

This is the same child who, in the past couple of months, has gotten a new bike, new clothes, a new computer game (Sims Medieval) and a new hairdo. Yet, her day was completely made by a blanket and toast. We’d also gotten a small vanilla pound cake candle, set in a mini cast iron loaf pan, and all three kidlets stated multiple times how cool it was and how yummy it smelled.

I’m not sure if I’m noticing these things more because I’m making an effort to focus on the positive, or if our change of lifestyle has heightened our appreciation for the little things, but whatever the reason, I’m loving the result.

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  1. I remade the bed last night, straightening all the blankets and ensuring that everything could be pulled right up to the top of the bed. Amazing how much better I sleep, in a freshly made bed!

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