The Feathered Friends Show Me A Photo Contest, Round 3 – Two Birds

When I saw the contest announcement for the latest round in the Feathered Friends “Show Me A Photo” contest, I knew immediately what photo I wanted to enter for the theme of Two Birds. But just to be sure, I decided to scan my hard drive for other pairs of birds, as I knew I had at least a few of them.

Many hours, and over sixty photos later, I decided I should probably stop looking… 😂

But after all that searching, I figured I should at least share some of them, so I narrowed it down to only those shots that showed the same type of bird (I also have a bunch with odd couple pairings that I figure I’ll save for another potential contest down the road).

Before I get to the photos though, a little bit about the contest itself – it was put together by @nelinoeva, and sponsored by Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100. As for the rules, here’s the basic rundown from the post Feathered Friends – Show Me A Photo Contest Round 3

Theme this week – TWO BIRDS (The birds must present in the same photo)

  • The photo must be your own.
  • Post in the community Feathered Friends.
  • You may add more photos, but you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first will be taken into account.
  • Tell us something about your photo/s.
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme, which will be announced each Sunday.
  • Please put the link of your entry in the comment section of the contest post here.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for the contest.

Last, but not least – have fun!

As for the photos, these were all taken between March 2016 and May 2019, with my Nikon (or in a couple of cases, my old Olympus) affixed to my tripod, in my Durham New Hampshire yard. And as was the case with my Zazzle Feathered Friends greeting cards post, I’m fairly certain all of these have previously appeared on my WordPress and/or my Hive blogs in the interim, or on my social media. However, I’ve given all of these a fresh edit and a tweak or two on PicMonkey so they’ll look their contest-y best!

Feathered Friends Contest – Two Birds

My Two Birds entry photo


Two Birds
1. Angel the crow and his lady love


And a dozen more for good measure, from oldest to newest shots


Two Birds
2. A couple of Wild Turkeys mildly strolling through our yard.

Two Birds
3. A preening pair of Mourning Doves.

Two Birds
4. Goldfinch Lunch Date.

Two Birds
5. Cardinal Lunch Date.

Two Birds
6. Mr and Mrs Bluebird.

Two Birds
7. Chipping sparrows chirping at each other.

Two Birds
8. Grackles in motion and at rest.

Two Birds
9. A pair of sweet Juncos in sour lighting.

Two Birds
10. A pair of Downy Woodpeckers in dreamy lighting.

Two Birds
11. Woody Woodpecker (aka Pileated Woodpeckers) times two.

Two Birds
12. A scary pair of Turkey Vultures being silly.

Two Birds
13. And rounding it off with crows again, plus a bit of fun. Yes, there are two crows in this shot – can you spot the second one?


Hope you enjoyed the all the various two birds in my contest entry! There are still a few days to enter, so be sure to check it out!

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  1. I love your watching birds. We put a bird feeder on our deck in the winter and it’s amazing all the different kinds of birds that show up. We’ve got two cardinal couples and they’re bright red feathers are a nice contrast to the dull grays and browns of winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

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