Tarot Tuesday – Taking a break

Yes, I know I said last week that I’d be taking a break after I hit the official 5 years of doing weekly readings on September 7th, 2021, but I’m listening to all the little signs telling me now is the time. Like that very definitive message from the cards themselves last week…lol!

And to clarify, as some worried kind people inquired, there’s nothing going on behind the screen that’s making it difficult to do readings, other than feeling a bit burnt out on doing them. And funny thing – now that I’ve made the decision to stop for now, I’m getting really excited about some new ideas and the general revamping of things for future Tarot Tuesdays!

Oh, and one other clarification – I’m still going to be here blogging just as much (and hopefully more) than ever. 😊

In the meantime, while I’m taking a break, if anyone would like to check out some other places on the interwebz for readings, I have some that I can recommend.


Tarot/Card readers to check out while I’m taking a break

Granny Moon

I’m fairly certain that I started following Granny Moon’s Morning Feast back at a time when my website was hosted on Prodigy (the alt.tv.farscape FAQ, in case you’re wondering) and I was wicked active on MySpace…lol!

There was a very long period of time back in those days that I used to comb through her weekly email, and copy/paste rituals, witchcraft lore, and the like to a NotePad file, with the eventual intention of putting it all together as a personal, digital Book of Shadows. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge of all things witchy and has probably forgotten more about the craft than I’ve ever known.

Needless to say, when I eventually connected with her on Twitter, I totally fangirled (and to be honest, still do) the first time she ever replied to a tweet. Lately she’s been very generous with sharing my weekly posts to her followers, and the short chats I’ve had with her have confirmed what I’ve always thought – her wisdom is only matched by her kindness.

These days, her weekly Feast comes out every Sunday, and is always jam-packed with lots of witchy information. She’s also forever reblogging Tarot & other divination posts from others. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I highly recommend following her blog.


Daria Cullen

While we’ve not met in person, with all the real life friends we have in common, it feels like we have! She has an awesome Facebook page called Little Star Signs, and runs a wonderfully small and close knit tarot community as well (one that I wicked miss, now that I’m barely on Facebook these days). She’s also been my go to person over the years, whenever someone asks me to do a personal reading for them – since I’m not currently doing those, I send them in her direction.


Jenn Nieto/PixiePost

I’m sure many of my Hive friends are familiar with the awesomesauceness that is @pixiepost! I love her energy, and she has an amazing spirit that shines through whenever she does a reading – she does them vlog style, sometimes with some wicked funny outtakes, and always with some wonderful wisdom. You can check out her recent offerings on her Hive blog,


Jenny Heston

Jenny is someone I know from my favorite witchy Facebook group, as she shares beautiful readings on a fairly regular basis (and, if I’m not mistaken, almost always on Mondays). Here’s her latest from yesterday – Grief, Lammas and Blessings


Aysha Minor

Someone else I know from the Smart Witch Facebook group, Aysha has been sharing readings with the community for ages now, with an awesomely interesting twist. Each reading is geared to the current sun sign – for example on July 23rd, she stopped her readings for Cancers and switched to the best sign ever Leos! She shares them all on her personal Facebook page and even if it’s not currently your sun sign, her interpretations are always interesting and informative. Here’s a link to her most recent Facebook post – Good morning and good rising Leo’s. Here is your horoscope for the week. And here’s your horoscope for today.


Victoria Lapointe/Mirror Dragon Tarot

I met Victoria through Daria’s tarot community, and whenever I check out one of her readings, I’m struck by how well they resonate with me. As well as sharing them on Facebook, she also shares them over on Vocal – this is the intro from her page.

I’m an intuitive Tarot card reader. It’s my day job and I love it. My journey began in 1977 when I had my first card reading. I was astounded and inspired so I bought my first deck, began to learn and I’m still astounded and inspired.


Diana Frajman/Crone Confidence

I feel like I’ve known Diana forever (and in blogging years, I think that’s accurate!). On my WordPress blog reader, she’s the second one listed (with the first being my own blog…lol). Her blog posts about Crone Wisdom are always a joy to read, and her energy is wonderful – calm, cool, and Crone-y! She’s one of those people that even a short interaction on Twitter makes you grin, because you can feel her smiling behind the words.

She’s done blog posts about Tarot, but I don’t recall her ever doing a free reading. However, she does do them professionally, and knowing her as I do, I’m sure they are amazing.

Here’s a tiny bit from her website

Communication comes in many forms: person to person, one to a group, business to client, in person, online and in the written word to name a few. I use tarot card as a means to help you communicate with your higher self.


Learning Tarot

Last, but certainly not least, is someone else who doesn’t do weekly readings, but for some time was doing a daily card draw (and I’m hoping this might nudge @learning-tarot into doing them again, even if it’s just a day or two a week). He has some excellent blog posts about Tarot on his WordPress site, and his daily draws are usually on his Twitter feed, as well as sometimes on his Hive blog.


taking a break


I’m sure I’ll think of a bunch of other people as soon as this gets posted, or other things I wanted to say about the awesome people included here (especially since this post was a rather last minute decision). If so, I might do a followup to this post in the coming weeks, so if you have recommendations of your own, please feel free to shout out and I might include them!

And with that, I’m now officially taking a break from Tarot Tuesday for at least a little while. Bright blessings to everyone!

taking a break

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taking a break

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