Tarot Tuesday reading for the week of October 6th 2020

Welcome to another one of my Tarot Tuesday posts! I started doing these free readings monthly back in late 2015, then switched to every week in early 2016. They’re by far my most popular posts, as well as being one of my favorites to put together. Today’s reading is for the week of October 6th 2020.

First a quick aside – I might be a bit scarce on social media tomorrow, since hubby and I will be celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was flirting with the cute guy at the office supply store in Dover New Hampshire, but here we are over thirty three years later! He has the next couple of days off of work, and while we don’t have any plans other than most likely getting takeout for dinner & renting a movie (or maybe we’ll re-watch our first date night movie, The Lost Boys), I’ll probably not be online quite as much.

And now with that said, it’s time to start the reading. The setup of how I do these was not my original idea – I was actually inspired by how a few other bloggers were doing their readings back years ago. And since this method is a little bit different than how some other readers on other social media do them (usually posting the card backs first, then the messages at a later time), here’s a quick breakdown on how this works…

First, pick a card you are drawn to from the photo below. If more than one speaks to you, go ahead and pick that one too. You can even pick all three, in whatever order you like!

When you’ve decided on your card (or cards), scroll down to the bottom of the page for the photo revealing the card faces, and your message for the upcoming week.

Also, don’t be worried if you don’t happen to see this exactly on Tuesday. The message will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get here. 😊

I would also like to mention…


Now here are the backs of the cards for this week. Take a moment to clear your mind, inhale and exhale deeply, center yourself – whatever you need to do to focus. When you’re ready, take a look at the photo and then decide which one (or ones) speaks to you. Then scroll down to the bottom of the post for the picture of the front of the cards, and your message.

October 6th 2020, Back

Next up, as a bit of insurance policy to make sure you don’t see the picture of the front of the cards before you’ve made your choice, I’m putting some of my infographics here as a type of spacer/spoiler prevention. Since, as I mentioned earlier, it’s almost our anniversary, I thought I’d share this quoto I put together for a Witchy Quote Challenge back a few years ago, as it seems rather fitting for hubby and myself.


True Love



Now it’s time for the big reveal! Here are the fronts of the cards…
October 6th 2020, Front

…and the messages for each card are…

1. Eight of Swords

Time to get moving. You’re stuck. None of the choices available to you seem right, so you’ve stopped moving forward. You’re afraid that if you make the wrong one, you’ll get hurt. However if you stay put, the choices only get worse. Stop overthinking and take a step – yes, there might be a little owie, but soon you’ll be back on the right track, and the pain will be behind you. As the saying (which makes me sentimental for my hometown of Gloucester, MA) goes, it’s time to fish or cut bait.

Tarot Tidbit: The Eight of Swords was last seen, in the third position, back on June 16th, 2020. Prior to that, it popped into the second position on May 12th, 2020. after not showing up for almost a year!

2. King of Wands

Take Charge Time. You have the intelligence, you have the determination. Now point that wand in the direction you want to go, and don’t even think about wavering from your path until you get to your destination. See that itty bitty little salamander in the bottom right corner of the card? Think of it as a baby dragon (since salamanders are associated with fire), who just needs encouragement and direction. Soon it will be a fiercesome force to be reckoned with, and you will be as formidable as the Mother of Dragons.

Tarot Tidbit: The King of Wands seems to like the second position – it was last spotted here on May 19th, 2020 and prior to that in the same spot on March 10th 2020.

3. Six of Cups

Happier times. You’ve discovered, or rediscovered something you love. Maybe a hobby long forgotten, or a person you’re reconnecting with. You now recognize how much you care. This is the start of something beautiful and meaningful – cherish it. This may also be a reminder that if you’re in the middle of some dark times, and you’re longing for the the idyllic days in your past, stop wasting your energy wishing for what’s gone. Don’t look back – focus instead on the positive memories, and use them to inspire new ones.

Tarot Tidbit: After being seen at least once a month from January to May of this year, the Six of Cups apparently took the summer off, but came back in time for the upcoming fall season. It was last seen on September 1st, 2020 (also in the third position), then prior to that it was on May 26th, 2020 (in the second position). It will be interesting to see if it shows up monthly for the rest of the year, especially (given the dark times we’ve been facing) it’s nice to have a reminder about shifting our focus now and again. Also on a personal note, the band Boston (the song I linked to for “don’t look back”) has sentimental significance for hubby & myself, so I’m particularly pleased it showed up for today’s reading.

I hope you enjoyed your message for the week of October 6th! Bright blessings to you!


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