Tarot Tuesday reading for the week of October 27th 2020

Welcome to another one of my Tarot Tuesday posts! I started doing these free readings monthly back in late 2015, then switched to every week in early 2016. They’re by far my most popular posts, as well as being one of my favorites to put together. Today’s reading is for the week of October 27th 2020.

Before I get started, a quick shout out to my Hive and WordPress blogging friends – I’m launching a new Twitter gif contest tomorrow to celebrate the newly revamped and brilliantly renamed WordPress plugin, @exxp! You can find out more about how awesome this is either in their announcement post, or their new website. I already have the prize pool in hand from @theycallmedan, and I’m changing things up a little bit from the last contest. I’m wicked excited to share it with everyone, so be sure to keep your eyes open for it!

And now with that said, it’s time to start the reading. The setup of how I do these was not my original idea – I was actually inspired by how a few other bloggers were doing their readings back years ago. And since this method is a little bit different than how some other readers on other social media do them (usually posting the card backs first, then the messages at a later time), here’s a quick breakdown on how this works…

First, pick a card you are drawn to from the photo below. If more than one speaks to you, go ahead and pick that one too. You can even pick all three, in whatever order you like!

When you’ve decided on your card (or cards), scroll down to the bottom of the page for the photo revealing the card faces, and your message for the upcoming week.

Also, don’t be worried if you don’t happen to see this exactly on Tuesday. The message will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get here. 😊

I would also like to mention…


Now here are the backs of the cards for this week. Take a moment to clear your mind, inhale and exhale deeply, center yourself – whatever you need to do to focus. When you’re ready, take a look at the photo and then decide which one (or ones) speaks to you. Then scroll down to the bottom of the post for the picture of the front of the cards, and your message.

October 27th 2020, Back

Next up, as a bit of insurance policy to make sure you don’t see the picture of the front of the cards before you’ve made your choice, I’m putting some of my infographics here as a type of spacer/spoiler prevention. I’m sure almost everyone is aware by now that Saturday is not only Halloween & Samhain, we’re also getting a somewhat rare Full Blue Moon as well! While there are different types of Blue Moons, this one happens to be the second full moon for the month of October, and I plan to have some updated infographics ready to go for later this week for the moon & the holiday. For now, I thought I’d share my Full Moon rituals, that I’ve put together over the years.


Full Moon Good Fortune Spell


September 29th


Full Moon Healing Spell


September 29th



Now it’s time for the big reveal! Here are the fronts of the cards…
October 27th 2020, Front

…and the messages for each card are…

1. Six of Pentacles

Help is needed. You’re generous. Whenever you have more than you need (time, money, love), you give freely to others, and enjoy the feeling that comes with doing good. Now it might be time to let someone give to you. There’s no shame in having a need, and by accepting help, you’re giving someone else the gift of feeling good about their actions. However, pay close attention to the man holding the carefully balanced scale in card picture. It’s a reminder that “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find, you get what you need.

Tarot Tidbit: The Six of Pentacles is a bit late for its yearly visit – the last time it was spotted (also in the first position) was way back on June 4th, 2019! Before that, it was seen in the third position on June 19th 2018. I wonder if it will wait until next October to reappear.

2. Four of Wands

Celebrate your groundwork. It’s not done yet, but one of the most important steps – putting down the framework and laying the foundation – is complete. Maybe it’s a project, a relationship, or an actual home – in any case, it’s time to sit back for a bit, and celebrate this achievement. Things will only grow bigger and better from here. And keep in mind what David Brinkley said – “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

Tarot Tidbit: The Four of Wands was last seen, in the first position, just a couple of months ago, on August 11th, 2020.

3. The Chariot

Find your middle ground. As Mr Miyagi said, “Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home. Understand?” Think of the two horses in the card as being negative and positive emotions – if you focus solely on urging one ahead to win the race, you’ll soon be off-balance and your carriage will overturn. Keep a tight and balanced hold on your reins, harness your power, and gallop ahead to victory.

Tarot Tidbit: The Chariot hasn’t been seen in well over a year. The last time, it was in the second position, way back on April 30th, 2019.

I hope you enjoyed your message for the week of October 27th! Bright blessings to you!


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