Tarot Tuesday reading for the week of June 29th 2021

Welcome to another one of my Tarot Tuesday posts! I started doing these free readings monthly back in November 2015, then switched to every week almost a year later in September 2016. They’re by far my most popular posts, as well as being one of my favorites to put together. Today’s reading is for the week of June 29th 2021.

Thanks to everyone for the continued well wishes after my mother’s recent health issues and thought I’d mention she’s feeling better and better with every passing day. As a result of everything that’s happened though, we ended up welcoming another furry family member into the York household. At some point I’ll do a separate post about the whole thing, but for now I thought I’d quickly introduce Pumpkin to everyone…

As for the reading – the setup of how I do these was not my original idea. I was actually inspired by how a few other bloggers were doing their readings back years ago. And since this method is a little bit different than how some other readers on other social media do them (usually posting the card backs first, then the messages at a later time), here’s a quick breakdown on how this works…

First, pick a card you are drawn to from the photo below. If more than one speaks to you, go ahead and pick that one too. You can even pick all three, in whatever order you like!

When you’ve decided on your card (or cards), scroll down to the bottom of the page for the photo revealing the card faces, and your message for the upcoming week.

Also, don’t be worried if you don’t happen to see this exactly on Tuesday. The message will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get here. 😊

I would also like to mention…


Now here are the backs of the cards for this week. Take a moment to clear your mind, inhale and exhale deeply, center yourself – whatever you need to do to focus. When you’re ready, take a look at the photo and then decide which one (or ones) speaks to you. Then scroll down to the bottom of the post for the picture of the front of the cards, and your message.

June 29th 2021, Back

Next up, as a bit of insurance policy to make sure you don’t see the picture of the front of the cards before you’ve made your choice, I usually put some of my infographics here as a type of spacer/spoiler prevention. However, the past couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying sharing some of my old photos instead, especially since I haven’t had my camera in hand much lately. So here are some flowery fotos from June 2017.


Owl, Ocean, Orange Flower
Dragonfly, Dusk, Daisy

Now it’s time for the big reveal! Here are the fronts of the cards…
June 29th 2021, Front

…and the messages for each card are…

1. Two of Swords

Should I stay or should I go? You totally relate to Mick Jones when he says, “this indecision’s bugging me.” You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and you can’t move until you can see what the problem is. You’ve been trying to ignore it, hoping it will go away, but that’s not the solution. Once you put down your swords, and remove your blindfold you’ll have a better idea of the answer. And judging by that crescent moon hanging in the sky on the card, you might find a new beginning as a result.

Tarot Tidbits: The Two of Swords hasn’t shown up for a Tarot Tuesday in well over a year! The last time it was also in the first position, all the way back on February 4th, 2020.

2. Eight of Pentacles

Back to the drawing board.. One of the best, most reliable ways to make things better is slow, steady, and focused work. You’ve been scattered and unfocused because of the turmoil around you. It’s time to take a deep breath, and if necessary, start from the beginning again. Try not to think about the end game – instead give your attention to ensuring the details are right, and you’re doing your best work. And don’t despair – you were definitely on the right track, and as Maxwell Smart would say, you only “missed it by that much” and you’ll be back on track in no time!

Tarot Tidbit: The Eight of Pentacles was last spotted, in the third position, all the way back last year on December 1st, 2020.

3. Page of Wands

Look for a message. You’ve been toying with a number of ideas lately, but nothing is really sticking. However, if you look and listen closely, there’s a tiny, little spark hiding someplace, just waiting to be fanned into a big ol’ flame. It won’t happen right away – ‘tis the nature of seeds, after all – but once you’ve figured out what (and where) to plant, it won’t be long until your inspiration grows, and it will be absolutely transformative!

Tarot Tidbit: The Page of Wands was last seen, in the first position, back towards the beginning of the year on January 26th, 2021. Prior to that, it hadn’t been seen in well over a year, with the previous visit being back on September 10th, 2019, when it was in the second position.

I hope you enjoyed your message for the week of June 29th 2021! Bright blessings to you!


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