Tarot Tuesday reading for the week of January 29 2019

Hello and happy Tarot Tuesday! I’m back again with another free weekly reading – this time, for the week of January 29 2019. I was thinking this morning that I should really count up how many Tarot Tuesday posts I’ve done, and do something special for my 100th (if I haven’t passed it already). Got my thinking cap on!

Also, THANK YOU to all the Steemians who responded to my relentless begging request for help with the 10K delegation contest that the Steemit Bloggers (aka Power House Creatives) are in. At the moment, we have about 4 days left for voting, and while we’re in second place, it’s only a difference of about 7 votes. We’re SO close!


And before we get started, I figured I mention that I do things a bit differently than some others on other social media, so if this is the first time you’ve visited one of my Tarot posts, it works like this –

First, pick a card you are drawn to from the photo below. If more than one speaks to you, go ahead and pick that one too. You can even pick all three!

After you’ve decided on your card or cards, you scroll down the page for photo revealing the card faces, and your message for the upcoming week.

Oh, and don’t be worried if you don’t happen to see this on the exact day. The message will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get here. 😊


Here we go! This is the backs of the cards for this week. Take your time deciding, and keep in mind you can pick more than one if you feel drawn to…

January 29 2019, New Back


Next up, to ensure you don’t accidentally see the card faces before you’ve made your choice, I’m using a picture as a kind of spacer/spoiler prevention. With Imbolc coming up this weekend, I thought I’d share this graphic created by the magically awesome Magickal Moonie’s Sanctuary. I actually shared this before, almost exactly four years ago on January 28, 2015.



Now it’s finally time for your message! Here’s the front of the cards…

January 29 2019, New Front

…and here are my interpretations for each one…

1. Page of Swords

Storm’s coming. There’s a quote by an unknown author floating around social media that reminds me of this card – “Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm. And the warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.” You have the energy, the knowledge, and the drive to get what you want. The biggest challenge comes in harnessing the power of the lightning, before the storm passes. Grab it quick while you can, and “heart to heart you’ll win“!

Tarot Tidbit: The Page of Swords was last spotted, also in the first position, earlier this month – specifically on January 8th, 2018.

2. Six of Wands

You did it! You had a rough go of it, and tons of competition (not to mention complications), but you pulled it off. However, you’re feeling a bit like William Thatcher/Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein – either you feel someone else is getting the credit (in William’s case, his alias), or maybe you don’t feel you’re worthy. You totally kicked butt, and it’s time to own it! Stand tall and appreciate what you accomplished – you did yourself proud! Keep in mind what was said in the movie

“Young William Thacher: Some day, I’ll be a knight.
Man in Stocks: A Thachers son? A knight? You might as well try to change the stars!
Young William Thacher: Can it be done father? Can a man change the stars?
John Thatcher: Yes William. If he believes enough, a man can do anything.

Tarot Tidbit: The Six of Wands was last spotted, in the third position, way back on July 17th, 2018.

3. Eight of Pentacles

Back to the drawing board.. One of the best, most reliable ways to make things better is slow, steady, and focused work. You’ve been scattered and unfocused because of the turmoil around you. It’s time to take a deep breath, and if necessary, start from the beginning again. Try not to think about the end game – instead give your attention to ensuring the details are right, and you’re doing your best work. And don’t despair – you were definitely on the right track, and as Maxwell Smart would say, you only “missed it by that much” and you’ll be back on track in no time!

Tarot Tidbit: The Eight of Pentacles was last spotted, in the first position, way way back on May 29th, 2018.

Brightest of blessings to you in the week ahead!

Thanks for stopping by!

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