Tarot Tuesday Reading for September 25th 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Tarot Tuesday Reading! This one is intended for the entire week staring September 25th 2018, so if you don’t happen to catch this on a Tuesday, no worries! I’ve also had a few people tell me they found an old reading (silly Google) but found it applied to them in that moment, so I figure the Universe will put the message in your path when you most need to hear it. At least that’s how my Pollyanna brain sees it! 😊

At any rate, let’s get to the reading for the week. For those of you just finding this for the first time, it works thusly – pick a card from the photo below that you are drawn to. If more than one speaks to you, then go ahead and pick that one too. Some people even say they pick all three cards each week, and use this as a past/present/future reading. After you’ve decided on your card(s), scroll down the page for the card reveal and message for the upcoming week.

Here are the cards –

Tarot Tuesday Reading for September 25th 2018 back

And to make sure you don’t accidentally see the card faces before you’ve made your choice, I’m putting in a picture as a spacer/spoiler prevention. This is one of the bazillion infographics I’ve created over the years, and comes from a post I did back in January 2017. Bit of a fangirl moment – the author of the quote, Zara Ventris, actually commented “Beautiful shot, from one moon lover to another🌙” on my Instagram share of the graphic! *SQUEE*

Child of the moon quote

Now it’s time for your message. Here are the card faces…

Tarot Tuesday Reading for September 25th 2018 front

…and here are the messages…

1. Seven of Wands

Never give up, never surrender. You’ve been fighting the good fight, and thought you were almost there. Now, all of a sudden, you feel like you’re being attacked on all sides. Don’t despair – keep on keeping on, and you will soon find victory at hand. Try to bear in mind that people are probably giving you such a hard time because they want what you have (financially or creatively). Jealousy tends to bring out the worst in people. Oh, and yes – “Never give up, never surrender” is a quote from, “Galaxy Quest.” *grin*

2. Ten of Pentacles

Success is at hand. Good things are coming for you – you might find more money coming in (like a raise at work), an improved living situation (even as simple as a new piece of furniture), or an overall positive atmosphere in your home. This card also means that not all wealth is material – having a family (not necessary related by blood) and friends can enrich your life as well, if not better, than money itself. You’ve either found your tribe, or you’re about to, and it will be like coming home.

3. Queen of Swords

Cold hard truth. You’re getting caught up in emotions and speculation, so it’s no wonder you can’t make a decision. Sometimes you need to take a step back to gain some perspective. Try the “just the facts ma’am” approach – look at the situation from a practical, factual point of view, and see if the answer, as unappealing as it might be, appears. When this card shows up, I ask myself, “WWSD (what would Scully do?)” and remind myself that “Sometimes looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you.
Extra Tarot Tidbit: All of these cards recently appeared in the number 2 spot over the summer – the Eight of Wands on July 17th, the Ten of Pentacles on June 26th, and the Queen of Swords on August 14th. I’m not sure if that’s something significant to someone, but thought I’d mention it, just in case (especially since I found it very interesting).


I hope your message resonated. If not, maybe reread your message towards the end of the week, and see if the meaning becomes clear then. Also, you’re welcome to shout out in the comment section, and most definitely welcome to share this link around.

Also for more Tarot awesomeness, check out the @steemittarot account. You’ll find weekly Tarot readings, card info, and other excellent cartomancy coolness. While you do have to be a member of Steemit to comment and/or upvote, you don’t need to join to read the posts. However, I highly recommend signing up, especially now that the value of Steem is on the rise again!

Bright blessings to you in the week ahead!


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  1. In general, there are no coincidences. The repetition of the three cards in slot no 2 are nicely parenthetical to summer eclipse season. The first appeared just after summer solstice. This week is just after equinox. So they seem somehow emblematic of summer 2018.

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