Tarot Card Reading for the Week of July 10th, 2018

Hear ye, hear ye! I’m guessing since you’ve clicked on this post, you have some interest in Tarot, so I figure this would be worth a mention. There’s a burgeoning community on Steemit called @steemittarot. Want to know more? Here’s the post with all the deets.

Introducing the Steemit Tarot community!

Also, you can check out the feed over at @steemittarot or the hash tag #tarottuesday for some awesome Tarot posts from amazing Steemians. Oh, and I’ve started doing a weekly wrap-up post each Wednesday, so you can find all the Tarot Tuesday offerings in one place.

And speaking of offerings, here’s mine for the upcoming week, beginning today (July 10th, 2018) …

It’s Tarot Tuesday time!

To kick things off, here’s quick little run down on how I put these readings together –

I use my very old & extremely well-loved Universal Waite Smith Tarot Deck to draw the cards. Then, because the cards are definitely not ready for their closeup, I photograph the cards using my stand-in Radiant Deck. Oh, and yes – it’s a new picture of the back of the cards every week.


Now for the reading. Here’s how it works – pick the card (or cards) that you’re drawn to, then scroll to the bottom of this post for the card reveal and my short interpretation of what to expect in the upcoming week. If more than one strikes your fancy, go for it! I’ve had people tell me they pick all three cards each week, and use this as a mini past/present/future reading! 😊

July 10th 2018 Tarot, Back

Did your card (or cards) make itself known? Then it’s time to scroll to the bottom of the post for the big reveal!

And to make sure you didn’t get the reveal before you picked your card, I’m using one of the bazillion quotos I created over the past few years, using my photography and quotes other people provided, as a kind of spacer.

Witch Quote Challenge Week 4 Sky Above Me Quote

Okay, so now it’s finally time for the big card reveal. Your message for this week is…

Could I have a drum roll, please and thank you?



July 10th 2018 Tarot, Front

1. Eight of Wands

Fly like the wind. Nothing is holding you back now! You got your bow ready by laying the groundwork, and now you’re shooting like an arrow through the sky towards your goal. Things will happen very fast, but try to remember all the crazy busyness is leading you in a very positive direction. Remember what Merida (who knows a thing or two about arrows) said – “There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.” Stay focused on the bullseye, and you’ll hit your target in no time flat!

2. Ten of Wands

The Burden. This card tends to show up for me when I’ve gotten caught in, “Fine, I’ll do it myself” mode. You know, when you think you need to do absolutely everything yourself, because no one else can do it the right way? And what happens when you do everything yourself? Yep, you get exhausted. All your creative juices are drying up. It’s time to put down the burden, and let someone else carry it for a while – even small, simple things, once delegated, will help you regain your spark. As the saying goes, “a burden shared is a burden halved.”

3. Ace of Swords

Time for challenges. You’ve had an “AHA!” moment. Now is the moment to pick up the sword, and cut the deadwood out of your life. It might not be easy to face the truth, but you’re up for the task, and you know what needs to be done. As Buffy said to all the potential slayers, “So here’s the part where you make a choice: What if you could have that power now? …make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?


I hope your message resonated for you. Be sure to shout out in the comment section, and let me know what you thought. And, as is the case with all my posts, if you enjoyed it, please feel free to share. Bright blessings!


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