MM – ZK Snyder’s Notebook Method

During the process of creating links for last Monday's post, I stumbled upon Zilpha Keatley Snyder's website (author of my personal favorite, The Velvet Room, among many others). One of the first things I noticed was a section called, "To Fellow Writers." I clicked on it, saw it contained a reprint of a 1993 article... Continue Reading →

MM – Inadvertent validation

I love moments of inadvertent validation. I'm exactly one week away from the 12 week post-surgical mark, and I've been starting to focus on diet and exercise again. Yesterday, our youngest helped me setup MyFitnessPal on my phone. She'd apparently grown weary of hearing, "Yeah, I'll check that out someday soon." As she was going... Continue Reading →

MM – Writing inspiration

Tonight is another Writers' Night Out meeting, and my rewrite of Wrecked seems to have run aground. I know there's no substitute for sitting-butt-in-chair, but this week, I'm going to fire up some of my favorite YouTube writing talks from Jim Butcher, and see if that helps push my writing inspiration off into deep waters... Continue Reading →

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