Revisiting the Feud Spell by Ellen Dugan

NOTE: Now that my ophthalmologist determined my vision issues are situational and not a sign of impending blindness, I'm feeling much better about being at my keyboard. However, since the blurriness still makes screen time challenging (and triggers headaches), I'm going to be scarce for a bit longer. I do have a ridiculously detailed health... Continue Reading →

5 Witchy ways to celebrate Halloween

[Originally featured on SheKnows, October 19th, 2015, but I've created a new infographic, included at the bottom of this post.] How to honor life, death and rebirth this Halloween Happy New Year! No, I’m not confused. For witches like me, Halloween — also known as the Sabbat of Samhain — is the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

WW – Wheel of the Year Samhain Ritual

Last month, for Mabon, I talked about spending this year coming up with my own, simple rituals for every spoke on the Wheel of the Year. However, given my current circumstances (on crutches), I've had to come up with something slightly different for a Samhain ritual. I luckily had access (thanks to my eldest helping... Continue Reading →

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