5 Witchy ways to celebrate Halloween

[Originally featured on SheKnows, October 19th, 2015, but I've created a new infographic, included at the bottom of this post.] How to honor life, death and rebirth this Halloween Happy New Year! No, I’m not confused. For witches like me, Halloween — also known as the Sabbat of Samhain — is the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

Witchy Wednesday – Samhain 2016

Last year, not only did I do a regular blog post about Samhain, I also had one called, "5 Witchy ways to celebrate Halloween" published on the SheKnows site. For Samhain 2016, I plan to put together another simple ritual like I did for Mabon. I'll have that posted for next week's Witchy Wednesday -... Continue Reading →

Reality Bytes

You know those light bulb moments? The ones where you’ve been motoring along through life, doing certain things in a certain way, without considering if it was really the easiest or most efficient way of doing it? Then, reality check - someone or something comes along and shows you a better way? I’ve had many... Continue Reading →

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