Another day, another blizzard

[Originally posted on Steemit earlier today] While we escaped the brunt of the Nor'easter on March 3rd in my corner of the New England (lots of strong winds & rain to be sure, but little to no snow), the one that started on Wednesday the 7th into Thursday the 8th made up for it. When... Continue Reading →

My Collection of Heart-Shaped Photos

[Originally posted on Steemit earlier today] Just over a week ago, I noticed a post by @thekittygirl called, Heart-Shaped Photos, in which she shared her amazing collection of heart photos (the first one in particular got me right in the feels!). She mentioned she got the idea from @dflo's also wicked amazing post, My heart... Continue Reading →

Frosty Flashback Foto Friday

Welcome to another Foto Friday! Bit of a shameless plug before I get started - I have a small number of photos available for sale on Fine Art America (thanks to a request from a Facebook friend, who bought one of my moon shots in April 2016), and I'm slowly adding to my inventory over... Continue Reading →

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