The Geek Side

Come to the Geek Side - we have Pi. *giggle* *giggle* *snort* Since it's difficult to write whilst snickering away, I'm posting an old entry from a blog I did for a local newspaper , back in... ... wait for it... ... are you ready?... ... 2007! Some of the links have long since disappeared,... Continue Reading →

Please leave your message after the beep…

Coming soon to this space - all the old entries of "Confessions of an Internet G33k" from my former blog on the Portsmouth Herald website.  Then, who knows - maybe I'll be inspired to write some new ones... in my copious free time, of course...  *grin* Please leave your message after the beep... Coming soon... Continue Reading →

Dear Internet Geek

I have fans.I have people that I begged, blackmailed, or otherwise bothered into reading my blog and I'm happy to say that so far the report has been favorable. On that other forum I talked about in my last entry (Red Vs Blue), I've also gotten some positive feedback. However, I don't feel that I'm... Continue Reading →

My e-love

I have a boyfriend.Okay, so he's married. And has two adorable little girls. Oh, and he lives about a gazillion miles away, and we've never met in person. But that doesn't stop us from e-flirting. Now before you label me as a cyber-slut, I feel I should explain a bit about my e-love.Back a few... Continue Reading →

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