MM – Making mistakes 2016

For the last Monday post of 2015, I did a graphic with a Neil Gaiman quote. Since the photo was taken with my old camera, I decided to do an updated version for this final #MicroblogMonday post of 2016. Here's to hoping we all make some glorious mistakes in the coming year. "Not sure what... Continue Reading →

MM – Three Favorite Quotes

Mel, the creative genius behind #MicroblogMondays, asked the question today, "What would be your top three books to wear, not read?" The three that immediately sprang to my mind (even before my coffee kicked in) were - Storm Front by Jim Butcher Illusions by Richard Bach Stardust by Neil Gaiman It then occurred to me... Continue Reading →

MM – Making mistakes

For the first Monday of 2015, I wrote about changing up the look of my blog, and remembering how my late father taught me to code. Now, for this last Monday of the year, as I get ready to head to my four week post-surgical checkup, I'm finding it kind of awesome that I'm in... Continue Reading →

MM – Novel Halfway point

Last week, I felt like a real writer. This week, even though a kind journalist quoted me in an article about NaNoWriMo, I'm back to feeling like I'm writing nonsense. Thankfully, this appeared in my NaNoMail (this is only the beginning - click on the link to read the rest of his wise words) -... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Amanda and Neil

No surprise to anyone that knows me that I heart Neil Gaiman. I will even admit there was a microt of time I wished I’d read Stardust before our son Tristan was born (and figured Tristran would put him on equal footing with his sisters Ciara and Caillean *grin*). I will admit that when I... Continue Reading →

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