MM – Quote Challenge Week Two

Welcome to my Quote Challenge Week Two results! If you missed my post on the 16th, this is what I decided to do for National Photography Month – So, this is my challenge for myself, and I need your help. Please leave me one of your favorite quotes, and I’ll pair it with a picture... Continue Reading →

MM – Quote Challenge Week One

Welcome to my Quote Challenge Week One results! If you missed my post last Monday, this is what I decided to do for National Photography Month - So, this is my challenge for myself, and I need your help. Please leave me one of your favorite quotes, and I'll pair it with a picture I've... Continue Reading →

MM – My Quote Challenge

Last week, I did a post featuring visual quotes from three of my favorite authors (my pictures, their words). Two of my readers kindly left their favorite quotes, and a light bulb went off over my head. I asked myself, "Hey, how about doing a Quote Challenge as the thing for National Photography Month?" I... Continue Reading →

MM – Three Favorite Quotes

Mel, the creative genius behind #MicroblogMondays, asked the question today, "What would be your top three books to wear, not read?" The three that immediately sprang to my mind (even before my coffee kicked in) were - Storm Front by Jim Butcher Illusions by Richard Bach Stardust by Neil Gaiman It then occurred to me... Continue Reading →

MM – National Photography Month

May has officially been National Photography Month since 1987. Here's a blurb from the sadly-quiet-since-2014 official website, The American Photography Association. Did you know that May is National Photography Month (NPM) in the United States? NPM was officially recognized by Congress in 1987 as a month-long event. It was first introduced by President Ronald Reagan... Continue Reading →

MM – Picture day, sky

Since today is Memorial Day here in the States, before I get to my sky pictures, I wanted to take a moment to share what I posted on Facebook - My father and grandfather came home. My thoughts and prayers today for those who did not. Now, before my last National Photography Month post, once... Continue Reading →

WW – Protective stones

I spent a huge chunk of today convinced it was Thursday. Hubby worked overtime on Tuesday (his work week usually starts on Wednesday). It was just enough to completely throw me for a loop. But somehow I managed to put together a quick graphic for today, inspired by a post on The Smart Witch Facebook... Continue Reading →

MM – Picture day, trees

It's an interesting bit of synchronicity that I planned the topic for today's blog weeks ago, and we heard from our landlords just a few days ago that the the crew from the tree removal company would be arriving this morning. Instead of my usual writing soundtrack of kidlets and Pandora, I'm being serenaded by... Continue Reading →

WW – New moon spinning

Okay, technically the new moon on May 18th won't be spinning, but it's the same day Mercury goes retrograde (for the second time this year), so I mashed up the two events into one blog post title. *grin* Again, since this is National Photo Month, I'll let my pictures do the talking - Bright new... Continue Reading →

MM – Picture day, Dad

Today would have been my father's eighty-eighth birthday, had we not lost him in 2001 to the horrific disease that is Alzheimer's. In my attempts to organize the many boxes of family photos, I've discovered some of his old black and white snaps. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about the pictures, other than what... Continue Reading →

WW – Witchy picture

In keeping with the National Photo Month theme, today's Witchy Wednesday is simply a picture I took a few days ago. I paired it with a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, making it kind of a witchy picture (because what's more witchy than trees? *grin*). Bright Wednesday blessings to all! “If we surrendered to earth’s... Continue Reading →

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