MM – Write-a-Thon oopsie

Oopsie! Yesterday, whilst waiting for the Father's Day bacon to be done bakin' (yes, in the oven, using a roaster pan and parchment paper - OMG, yum!), I checked my email and found one from the Clarion Foundation, which began - "Dear Traci, Today is Week 1, Day 1, of the Sixth Annual Clarion Write-a-Thon."... Continue Reading →

MM – Write-a-Thon

Hubby put together a brand new computer for me today (thanks hon!), so while I'm busy getting things situated, I'm doing another #MicroblogMondays style post. Below is my Facebook status update from June 11th - As many of you are aware, I'm a huge NaNoWriMo proponent. If it weren't for the gang at the Office... Continue Reading →

MM – 10 writing resources on Facebook

Rabbit, rabbit! Since we have our second meeting of the Epping Writers' Night Out this evening, I figured my first post-photo post (say that three times fast!) for Musing Monday should be about writing. As I'm rather obsessed fond of lists, I decided a top ten list would be in order. Since there are so... Continue Reading →

Blog on!

November was a tremendous learning experience for me. I was able to complete both National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), and when it was done, I still felt the urge to sit at the keyboard and peck away (unlike past years, when I felt creatively burnt out well into the... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday was one of those days. Before this month crammed full of writing began, I had plans that I’d get my daily blogging done and posted before noon, then spend the rest of the day doing fits and spurts of NaNo writing. But my body decided Daylight Savings be dammed, and I slept twelve hours... Continue Reading →

Rabbit, Rabbit! NaBloPoMo begins

And so it begins… I’ve made breakfast and packed a lunch for hubby. Cleared the clutter off the front porch, and washed the dishes. Made a cup of coffee, two fried egg sandwiches for the youngest two teens, and ate a Portuguese muffin with a second cup of coffee (my idea of breakfast). Poked around... Continue Reading →

A year and a day

How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? ~ Dr. Seuss It's hard to believe it's been 366 days since my last blog post. Needless to say, there's much... Continue Reading →

Unedited and unapologic

Okay, I changed my mind - I fixed some typos, and I'm sorry for the unpolished nature of the following excerpt. *grin* This is part of my current NaNoWriMo project, tentatively titled "Submerged" (it was "Tangled" for a week or so, but this seems more apropos). Even though I fixed typos, this is the mostly... Continue Reading →

And the winner is…

Where was I? Oh yes, I remember - out of all the options we had for our winter living situation, the winner was... *drum roll* ... none of the above! *grin* The night I posted the blog entry, Winter of our dis-is-contentment, hubby came home and told me he’d stumbled upon a really nice rental... Continue Reading →

Finish Work

I crossed the finish line, but the race has just begun! Better yet - my youngest crossed with me, completing the final 200 words of her story only about twelve hours after I hit the 50K mark. While her word count was much smaller, and she spent only a few days working on her story... Continue Reading →

NaNo in the Raw

I hate being naked in public. I've mentioned in other blog posts how I obsessively reread and edit my entries before posting them, so uploading something without changing anything is making me a bit crazy. Okay, crazier. *grin* But as promised, I have an excerpt of my NaNoWriMo scribblings. This bit is from day 4,... Continue Reading →

State of Confusion

I'm having an identity crisis of sorts. While the name of this little corner of cyberspace is "Confessions of an Internet G33k," lately it's feels more appropriate to call it, "Adventures in Camping." I'm happy to have been inspired to write entries on a regular basis again - nevertheless, I feel I'm veering away from... Continue Reading →

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