MM – NaNoWriMo Quandary

For the first time since 2010, I have a NaNoWriMo quandary. My original plan was to write something based on the fictional Internet Geek character I created for my old blog. However, I couldn't seem to puzzle out exactly what I wanted from that story line, so here I am - ten days away from... Continue Reading →

MM – NaNoWriMo Countdown

The NaNoWriMo countdown is on! One week from today, in addition to being Halloween and Samhain, it will be National Novel Writing Month Eve. I've done it every year since 2007, and crossed the finish line seven times. This year, even though I'm a big fan of pantsing, I might just give plotting a go.... Continue Reading →

MM – A NaNo Excerpt

Now that I can faintly see the NaNo finish line shimmering in the distance, I figured I'd share this short, mostly unedited blurb from the start of "Aground." Context - Maeve and Jack are on vacation, and Maeve has misplaced her amber, ghost repelling necklace. Also, for those of you who were interested in my... Continue Reading →

MM – Novel Halfway point

Last week, I felt like a real writer. This week, even though a kind journalist quoted me in an article about NaNoWriMo, I'm back to feeling like I'm writing nonsense. Thankfully, this appeared in my NaNoMail (this is only the beginning - click on the link to read the rest of his wise words) -... Continue Reading →

MM – NaNoWriMo has begun!

"NaNoWriMo has begun, So much writing, so much fun If you type words every day You will win a novel." ~ Traci York (apologies to the Teacher's Meeting rhyme from my childhood) Once more into the fray that is 1,667 words written every day for the month of November. This year, I'm working on the... Continue Reading →

MM – Writing woes

Tonight is the first time my writing group meets without me (thanks to circumstances involving my impending surgery), so I'm singing the writing woes blues. Yes, I'm writing in a way. I'm blogging consistently, but every single day, I think about Maeve and how I'm letting her down by not giving her a decent storyline.... Continue Reading →

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