MM – A Witchy Microblog Monday

Given how the calendar has played out, today, I'm doing a Witchy Microblog Monday post. Lammas falls on August 1st, which I wrote about last week (click HERE to check it out), and tomorrow is the Dark/New Moon in Leo (my favorite sign). First, a little info about the Dark Moon, from someone more well-versed... Continue Reading →

WW – Lammas 2016

Lammas 2016 is almost here! Here's a little blurb about the holiday from The Goddess & The Green Man - At Lammas the Goddess is in Her aspect as Grain Mother, Harvest Mother, Harvest Queen, Earth Mother, Ceres and Demeter. Demeter, as Corn Mother, represents the ripe corn of this year's harvest and Her daughter... Continue Reading →

WW – Lammas Painted Bread

This past weekend was so ridiculously hot, and life was so ridiculously interesting, that my thoughts of doing a Lammas ritual disappeared faster than the ice on the back of my neck. However, I wanted to do something to mark the occasion, and since it was time to make another couple of loaves for the... Continue Reading →

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