Fandom Friday – I heart Godsmack

First off, I just gotta say - Godsmack, Laurie Cabot, and Hammond Castle together in the official video for one of my favorite power raising songs? How the FRELL did I not know about this? Bad geek, bad witch, bad ME! *deep breath* While I'm taking a moment to get my brain under control, the... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Richard Bach

I believe it was my mother who first introduced me to Richard Bach, via Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Unfortunately, that paperback, and my beautiful hard cover copy of, "There's No Such Place As Far Away" went to the great bookshelf in the sky two decades ago (victim of a slow roof leak in a former rental... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Amanda and Neil

No surprise to anyone that knows me that I heart Neil Gaiman. I will even admit there was a microt of time I wished I’d read Stardust before our son Tristan was born (and figured Tristran would put him on equal footing with his sisters Ciara and Caillean *grin*). I will admit that when I... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart love

As we learned in the colorful episode of The Powerpuff Girls, Mime for a Change... Love Makes the World Go 'Round. In that spirit, when I saw the following messages pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, written by my cyber-friend Natali, I knew it was time to break out the crayons and channel my... Continue Reading →

A Dream (Host) Interlude

First, a clarification from yesterday’s post - my fourteen year old said she was less “appropriately horrified” and more “mildly inconvenienced” (her words) because she had to keep her hand in front of her face to hide my mad dancing skills from her eyes. I guess my ability to trip the light fantastic intimidates her... Continue Reading →

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