WW – Full Capricorn Moon

On Tuesday, July 19th, the Full Capricorn Moon arrives. For more information on the astrological aspects of this (since my astrology skills are rusty at best) check out the article This Month in Astrology, July 2016 over at Cafe Astrology. Here is a small snippet – On the 19th, a Full Moon occurs in the... Continue Reading →

WW – Magical Month

Rabbit, rabbit for this magical month!! First, a correction - in my last Witchy Wednesday post, I stated the Full Thunder Moon was tomorrow night. I apparently got this information from a site that uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time - the order of the letters is apparently a compromise between the English and the French),... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Thunder Moon

Since the two graphics I created for today's post are fairly self-explanatory, this is essentially a #wordlesswednesday entry. To mark the occasion of Scott Cunningham's birth on June 27th 1956 - Information on the upcoming Full Thunder Moon on July 1st - Bright Wordless, Witchy Wednesday blessings to all! July, The Thunder Moon. Also called... Continue Reading →

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