WW – Super Full Aries Moon

On Sunday October 16th, the Super Full Aries Moon (also known as the Hunter's Moon) arrives. Oh, and did you know that the October Full Moon is the only moon of the year to stay in the sky all night (rising at sunset & setting at sunrise)? To suss out what this all means, I... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Aquarius Moon

On Thursday, August 18th, the Full Aquarius Moon arrives, and brings with it a kinda sorta, itsy bitsy, tiny almost, little bit of an eclipse. To suss out what this means, I once again scoured the interwebz for people more well-versed in astrology than me. First, a little blurb about the non-event eclipse from Astrology... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Capricorn Moon

On Tuesday, July 19th, the Full Capricorn Moon arrives. For more information on the astrological aspects of this (since my astrology skills are rusty at best) check out the article This Month in Astrology, July 2016 over at Cafe Astrology. Here is a small snippet – On the 19th, a Full Moon occurs in the... Continue Reading →

WW – Litha and the Full Moon

On Monday June 20, both Litha and the Full Moon occurring at the same time! Well, technically the full moon happens at 7:02am, and Litha is officially at 6:34pm, but still - pretty awesome. First up, a bit about Litha, from someone who is having a birthday in a couple days! June 20, 2012 Summer... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius

Saturday night is the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. There are some mutterings around the interwebz that this will also be a Blue Moon, but only according to an old, obscure, and strangely almost local-to-me source. There's a great explanation of it all in the article A May Full ‘Blue Moon’ on Tap For This... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Pink Moon in Scorpio

Not only is this Friday Earth Day, it's also when the Full Pink Moon in Scorpio arrives. However, unless you're wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses, don't expect the color to be anything unusual - "Pink" refers to the appearance of phlox (one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring), and not the... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Snow Moon in Virgo

Coming up next week is the Full Snow Moon in Virgo. While poking around the interwebz looking for information, I found a new, promising source. Here's what The Dark Pixie Astrology has to say about the astrological significance of this moon - A full moon occurs on February 22nd at 1:20PM at 3 degrees 33... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Wolf Moon in Leo

Mercury Retrograde, the planets aligning, and a Full Wolf Moon in Leo? Plus, a Nor'easter bearing down on New England as we speak? It's gonna be a heck of a ride this weekend (GO PATS!). I found this little tidbit about the upcoming full moon, and thought I'd share it here. Be sure to check... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Cold Moon in Cancer

The time of the Full Cold Moon in Cancer is almost upon us! Last month when I wrote about the Full Mourning Moon in Gemini, I quoted an article by Sara Coughlin over at the relatively non-pagan site, Refinery29. I figured I'd take a peek and see if she'd written anything for this full moon,... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Mourning Moon in Gemini

Tonight is the depressingly titled, but very seasonally appropriate Full Mourning Moon in Gemini. I found the best explanation of this particular moon at an unexpectedly place - Refinery29 (yeah, the fashion and style website - I was wicked surprised too!). The article is called, Why You Should Care About Tomorrow's Full Moon by Sara... Continue Reading →

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