Full Flower Moon in Scorpio May 10 2017

On Wednesday, May 10th, the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio arrives in my time zone (your mileage may vary - be sure to check for your local time HERE). Once again, I turned to the interwebz to see what this means for us astrologically. Here's a snippet from an article over at TAROT.com, called Full... Continue Reading →

WW – Full Pink Moon in Scorpio

Not only is this Friday Earth Day, it's also when the Full Pink Moon in Scorpio arrives. However, unless you're wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses, don't expect the color to be anything unusual - "Pink" refers to the appearance of phlox (one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring), and not the... Continue Reading →

WW – Beltane blessings

On Friday, that magical bookend to Samhain arrives, amidst the chilly New England version of Spring. There are a bazillion sites out on the interwebz with information on the holiday (one of my personal favorites is The Smart Witch), so I decided to put together a simple graphic, and include a brief blurb from another... Continue Reading →

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