FF – The DubsmashWar winner is

As of October 17th, 2015, it's official. The DubsmashWar winner is.... *drum roll* TEAM CARTER! https://twitter.com/DubSmashWar/status/655240573608062977 The official results, and all the videos are up on Crowdrise, host of DubSmashWar. However, I think it's okay for me to say that Team Carter raised $79,808 for STOMP OUT BULLYING! and Team Shield raised $75,257 for St.... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart DubsmashWar Round Three

DubsmashWar Round Three has begun! They've added another incentive to the voting public - every $25 donation enters you to win a video chat with either #TeamCarter or #TeamShield (depending on who you donated to). Not to mention, each $1 donation (which equals one vote) also puts you in the running for the grand prize... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart DubsmashWar Round Two

BAD G33k! I completely spaced the ongoing battle, and DubsmashWar Round Two began without me! Okay, so technically I have nothing to do with the Dubsmash, but still - I feel I've let my heroes down by not proclaiming to geek all and sundry that new Marvelousness had been posted. Once again, as I mentioned... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart DubsmashWar Round One

It's here! DubsmashWar Round One has begun! Well, kind of - Team Carter has their submission up, but Team Shield is radio silent... hmmm... hope this doesn't mean Loki is misbehaving again... Because this war is also raising money for charity, they've asked that people not embed videos for the duration. So, please click on... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart DubsmashWar

*SQUEEEEEEEEEE* It's here! The big announcement we've been waiting for since DubsmashWar erupted out of the 2015 SDCC last month. If you missed my blog post last month, no worries - I'll wait here while you pop over and catch up. You're back already? Wow, you're a fast reader. Okay, so now that you're up... Continue Reading →

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