WW – Dark Aries Moon

In a little over a week, the Dark Aries Moon will arrive. Here are a couple of tidbits about what you can expect, from people who are more well-versed in astrology than yours truly. First, from The Dark Pixie Astrology, a snippet of an article called, April 2016 New & Full Moons: New Moon in... Continue Reading →

WW – Dark Aquarius Moon

On Monday, February 8th, the Dark Aquarius Moon arrives. Here's a snippet of information from one of the websites I used to create my graphic - From Cafe Astrology - On Monday morning, a New Moon occurs, marking the beginning of a new cycle. In the sign of Aquarius, friendship, brotherhood, group activities, social pursuits,... Continue Reading →

WW – Dark Capricorn Moon

This coming Saturday night, the Dark Capricorn Moon (aka, the New Moon in Capricorn) arrives. Here are a couple of snippets from two of the websites I refer to when creating my graphics - From Cafe Astrology - With this potent Capricorn energy, we have the chance to create some serious order in our lives.... Continue Reading →

WW – Dark Scorpio Moon

A week from today, Wednesday November 11th at 12:47pm EST the Dark Scorpio Moon arrives (also known as the New Moon in Scorpio). According to the site, Cafe Astrology, the Dark Scorpio Moon is a good time for - taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, psychological examinations, research, self-examination, getting rid of old things. I plan to... Continue Reading →

WW – Dark Libra moon

Next week, on October 12 2015 (8:05pm EST, so on the 13th in some areas) the dark Libra moon arrives. As always, I created a graphic. I tried photographing the stones against a mossy background this time. I found the Herkimer Diamond and the Smoky Quartz got a bit lost on my usual New Hampshire... Continue Reading →

WW – Dark Moon in Cancer

This morning at 9:24am EST, the moon went dark. Hope you enjoy the graphic I created for the Dark Moon in Cancer. Blessed be! Graphic copy Dark Moon in Cancer July 15, 2015 Cancer is a water sign with highly emotional, sensitive, and protective motherly energies. ~ Magical workings include - Nurturing relationships, healing emotional... Continue Reading →

WW – Magical Month

Rabbit, rabbit for this magical month!! First, a correction - in my last Witchy Wednesday post, I stated the Full Thunder Moon was tomorrow night. I apparently got this information from a site that uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time - the order of the letters is apparently a compromise between the English and the French),... Continue Reading →

Witchy Wednesday – New or Dark Moon?

Recently, as I started creating witchy graphics to go with these posts, something began to nag at me. It's one of those things that you've seen so many times, you don't realize you're not really seeing it, and when it suddenly comes into focus, you shout, "Eureka!" Last night, I was poking around on the... Continue Reading →

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