MM – Brewing time

Last Monday, I whined..., err, wrote about my frustration with my plot difficulties. In a beautiful show of synchronicity, my FB newsfeed this week has been full of things related to my story (the Akashic Records, Technomancy, and the veil thinning, to name a few). While I enjoyed my little pity party (because it's not... Continue Reading →

MM – Writing woes

Tonight is the first time my writing group meets without me (thanks to circumstances involving my impending surgery), so I'm singing the writing woes blues. Yes, I'm writing in a way. I'm blogging consistently, but every single day, I think about Maeve and how I'm letting her down by not giving her a decent storyline.... Continue Reading →

Musing Monday – I Will Follow You

Now that I've consistently posted entries three times a week for close to a year (and daily last November), I've turned my focus to finding my audience. My peeps. My fan base. Lately, when I'm pondering possible platitudes to entice people here, this song by Genesis pops into my head - "I will follow you... Continue Reading →

MM – Writing inspiration

Tonight is another Writers' Night Out meeting, and my rewrite of Wrecked seems to have run aground. I know there's no substitute for sitting-butt-in-chair, but this week, I'm going to fire up some of my favorite YouTube writing talks from Jim Butcher, and see if that helps push my writing inspiration off into deep waters... Continue Reading →

MM – Write-a-Thon

Hubby put together a brand new computer for me today (thanks hon!), so while I'm busy getting things situated, I'm doing another #MicroblogMondays style post. Below is my Facebook status update from June 11th - As many of you are aware, I'm a huge NaNoWriMo proponent. If it weren't for the gang at the Office... Continue Reading →

MM – Time to regroup

One week ago today, a dear Facebook friend (*waves madly at Lorraine*) posted a link on my wall. It detailed a local writers' night, happening (by New Hampshire standards) right down the road from me. Since I didn't have much time to ponder, I avoided talking myself out of it, so last Wednesday I made... Continue Reading →

MM – Got it covered

My poor computer isn't feeling well today. She's got some kind of grumbly in her tumbly, and hubby is currently tending to her. So for today's Musing Monday (brought to you by hubby's laptop), I got it covered - aka, I figured I'd share the mock-ups I did for four of my book covers, and... Continue Reading →

MM – Labor of love

Hubby & I left the house this afternoon at 4pm, heading to the store to pick up a few things (none of which were holiday related). We got home around 10pm. I swear we got sucked into a time vortex that somehow turned a half hour into six. The end result (besides the wallet damage)... Continue Reading →

Blog on!

November was a tremendous learning experience for me. I was able to complete both National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), and when it was done, I still felt the urge to sit at the keyboard and peck away (unlike past years, when I felt creatively burnt out well into the... Continue Reading →

Fractured fairy tale

Back in 2009, I gave my writing group a prompt, called "Fractured Fairy Tale." The gist of it - you take an existing fairy tale and turn it into a parody, much like the beloved cartoon from my youth. The following was my fairy tale contribution. *~*~*~*~*~*~* Once upon a time, long, long, ago, deep... Continue Reading →

Money can buy happiness

Happy Freakout (aka Black) Friday! Rather than spending the day spending money and shopping, I decided to hang at home, meander memory lane with my mother, chat with my children, and hope for hubby to return home soon. Oh, and wrangle words - here are a few more from my former, fictional self. Money Can... Continue Reading →

Nude beginnings

My fictional self, known as Catherine Trevor (InternetG33k if you're nasty) has another repost she would like to share. We've had many conversations recently as to who should be in charge of this blog from now on. I'm still not sure how it will all play out, but in the meantime, here is another of... Continue Reading →

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