FF – I heart Foto Friday 26

Just like last Friday, here are my favorite photos of the week for Foto Friday 26. While I don't plan to turn Fandom Fridays into Foto Fridays exclusively, for now, this is a great way to share some of the gazillion pictures I'm taking with my relatively new camera. After getting carried away for the... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Foto Friday 21

While last Friday was a bit different, here again are my favorite photos of the week for Foto Friday 21. Before we get on with the pictures, I wanted to mention that today also happens to be my 51st birthday. I have essentially the same wish list as last year, but I updated it a... Continue Reading →

MM – Quote Challenge Week Two

Welcome to my Quote Challenge Week Two results! If you missed my post on the 16th, this is what I decided to do for National Photography Month – So, this is my challenge for myself, and I need your help. Please leave me one of your favorite quotes, and I’ll pair it with a picture... Continue Reading →

MM – Valiant visitors

The epic battle between Elsa and Mab for title of "Queen of the Winter that closed Dunkins"  continues here in New Hampshire, and all signs point to spring happening sometime around July. However, the near-and-sub-zero temps haven't frightened everyone away from our yard - we still have a few valiant visitors. Cool thing about this... Continue Reading →

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