My Results For The Book Lover’s Tag

I was nominated by the amazing Gary (not to be confused with Gary) to participate in The Book Lover’s Tag thingamabob (see his post HERE). Do you have a specific place for reading? Yep - any place that's light enough. Bookmarks or random pieces of paper? I've collected some cool bookmarks over the years, but... Continue Reading →

MM – August 9th is National Book Lovers Day

Tomorrow, August 9th, is National Book Lovers Day (although there are some who celebrate in November instead). To mark the occasion, I've decided to share 9 lists of 3 favorite book-related things. Be sure to shout out in the comment section with your own faves. 3 bookstores. Crackskull's Coffee and Books. Water Street Bookstore. RiverRun... Continue Reading →

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