Sunset sky – what a difference 11 minutes makes!

I originally planned a different photography post for today, but now that today is almost over, I decided to go with something different, especially after the gorgeous sunset sky tonight totally inspired me!

Just after 8:30pm, I noticed the awesome colors on display, and wobbled as fast as my jangly legs would carry me outside with my camera. I snagged about a half dozen shots before I realized how amazingly cool it was out too (a total shock, after 7 days of over 90F/30C weather). I bebopped back inside to shut off the A/C and open windows, then called upstairs for the kidlets to do the same.

A short time later, hubby returned from doing an errand, and I realized the sky had gone completely grey during that short, 11 minute interval from my first photo. I tried to recreate a handful of the shots (didn’t want to take the time to review them on my camera, knowing the light was fading fast), thought it would make a cool comparison post, especially since so many people have said they liked my Wednesday Walk three month progression thingy.

Hope you enjoy!

Spot One


Sunset sky



Spot Two





Spot Three





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  1. We’re in different countries but we’re looking at the same sky! For the last few days, those are the colours we’ve been seeing.

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