#SublimeSunday – Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots

You’d think that since this post is a continuation of my Wednesday Walk & Make Me Smile – Hampton Beach Seawall, August 19th 2019 post, that my brain would’ve realized that technically these Seabrook summer sunset skies shots were actually taken in Hampton, NH. But once I’d snapped a few of (as you will see in a moment) the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, I just got it in my head that these were taken in that town instead. It wasn’t until I went to grab the coordinates for the Steemit World Map that I realized my oopsie. However, since I’d already created the alliterative blog graphic, I figured I’d just let it be. 😊

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Sublime Sunday post, but I thought the pictures I took after we drove away from the seawall would be perfect for one. Given the moving vehicle, my moving body (as I was having an somewhat bad tremor day), and the light moving out of the sky, I didn’t think my shots would be clear enough to share. But for a “something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy” post, I figured they fit the bill! Especially since again, nuclear power plant. 😂

And just like my shots on Wednesday, the only editing I did to these was resizing. While I do occasionally adjust the exposure for some of my photos, I didn’t want to risk losing the natural beauty of the sky in this batch.

One last thing before I get on with my captures, be sure to check out tag host @c0ff33a‘s most recent #SublimeSunday post for more info on this wicked cool initiative – 🙌🏽Sublime Sunday🙌🏽 An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas by @c0ff33a ☕️

Now here are my #SublimeSunday Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots


- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
I took this shot shortly after driving away from our Wednesday Walk spot (so around 8pm). Jim leaned back to get out of the shot, not realizing I wanted to get my handsome hubby in the frame. 😂

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
Driving down Ocean Boulevard away from the seawall.

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
Turned off onto a side street, and I really liked how the silhouette of Saint Patrick’s church (no, not that one – this one) and the Hampton water tower looked.

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
Turning onto Route 101, and though the sun is mostly set, the sky is still gorgeous

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
The view to the right of us about the time hubby pulled over so I could snap a few more shots.

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
In fact, this shot and the next one…

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
….were taken by Jim. I really like how he framed them both.

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
Then I grabbed my… I mean, politely requested my camera back so I could grab a shot of the sunset reflection in the windows of this house…

- Seabrook Summer Sunset Skies Shots
… okay, two shots.

Swung my camera a little bit to the right and the Seabrook Nuclear Power plant came into view.

I zoomed out a bit…

…then a little bit more. Then Jim wanted to take a couple more shots…

…and as soon as he snapped, a something went zooming by, which made for a cool effect.

My turn again – I tried to get a good shot of how bright the blinking lights were on the towers, but I settled for the pretty colors in the sky.

One last shot of the power plant, but this one shows the tree at the edge of those houses from the previous shots (say that three times fast…lol).

Then it was time to hop on the highway and head home.


Happy #SublimeSunday!

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