Sublime Sunday – Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder

It’s hurting my brain a bit to realize that I haven’t done a Sublime Sunday post since May. It’s probably around the last time I used the Deep Dream Generator as well, so for this post I’m sharing some photos of a Double Dreamy (in both that it was a double rainbow, as well as a couple DDG interpretations…lol) Resplendent Rainbow Reminder

The story behind the shots – on Thursday, everything just seemed to go wrong. Not like “the sky is falling” wrong, but lots of little mishaps. For example, we were planning to head to the laundromat after dropping the youngest off at work at 2pm, but thanks the semi-unexpected rainy weather making my tremor extra cranky, I wasn’t ready to leave when it was time. So hubby brought her, and texted me when he got there with the lovely news that the engine light came back on the car (for about the millionth time in the past two years, as people have no doubt heard me moaning about before).

About an hour later than expected, he came home and apologized for not texting again. I told him I was hyperventilating at the thought he was broken down somewhere assumed he stopped by the auto parts store or something on the way home, but he said he’d bumped into our down the street neighbor and got talking. I was about to “yell” at him when he also mentioned he’d just discovered the neighbor had recently lost his mother, and in fact had just gotten back from the funeral when Jim drove past.

Bit of a mental slap from the Universe perspective there.

We talked about it for a bit, and I realized that had he driven down the road a minute or so earlier or later, he’d have missed seeing the neighbor in his driveway and from the sounds of their discussion, he was in definite need of a friendly ear at that moment. And had our day gone as planned, we’d have been in the middle of our laundry duties when he arrived home. The phrase, “everything happens for a reason” came up.

It was much later in the afternoon than we wanted to go, but decided to make the best of it. We loaded up the stuff in the car, then on our last trip out, I happened to glance up at the sky. What we saw is in the pictures below.

But before I get to those, be sure to check out the #SublimeSunday tag host @c0ff33a‘s latest post 🙌🏽Sublime Sunday🙌🏽 An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas by – @c0ff33a ☕️ for more information about how to participate.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder


Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
1. After dashing back into the house and getting my camera & tripod in record time, this is the first shot I captured.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
2. Once again, I bemoan my photo editing skills (or lack thereof) because this was so much more brilliant in person.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
3. But all things considered, I supposed I can’t complain.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
4. Especially when seeing something so beautiful.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
5. And yes, my husband and I almost immediately started in with the, “double rainbow – so intense” banter.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
6. Now I’m craving some Skittles.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
7. The second rainbow was pretty well formed for a few minutes there.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
8. And while we were bummed to see it start to fade, hard to be upset with the brilliant blue sky peeking out.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
9. And the sun peeking out made for some cool light and shadows.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
10. I’m not sure if that black dot to the right of center is a bird or a dragonfly as there were both flying around at the time. Either way it was a pretty cool, if subtle, photo bomb.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
11. It was about this time that I remembered I hadn’t shouted out to the elder two kids so they could come out to see the now fading rainbow…

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
12. … and unfortunately by the time I got the eldest (our son was indisposed) outside, this view was almost completely gone, but she at least got a peek.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
13. And as for the reminder part of this – I like to think this was a gentle nudge from the Universe to show that even on the gloomiest of days, there can still be beauty to be found if we just remember to keep our proverbial chin up.


As for the Deep Dream Generator pair – as I said, it’s been a minute since I played with it, and it took me about a dozen tries to come up with two that I liked. But I really enjoyed doing it, so I’ll have to try to remember to do these on a more frequent basis.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
The DDG version of the first photo.

Double Dreamy Resplendent Rainbow Reminder
The DDG version of the fifth photo.

Oh and before I go, thought I’d mention that because my WordPress blog is still being cranky (no doubt because of that SSL certificate thing) as well as the Exxp plugin having some issues today (probably related to WP being cranky) I decided to post this on my Hive blog first, then to my WP one. Just in case anyone’s wondering why that awesome two way commenting thing (plus my post payout amount) isn’t showing.

Hope everyone had a Sublime Sunday and a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Amazing photos! I love Rainbows. I saw a few this past summer. I haven’t witnessed one personally in a long time. They always bring a feeling of peace along with them, don’t they. ๐Ÿ™‚

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