Stormy Skies Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walks July 23rd & 28th 2016

After a number of days of hot & humid weather, we had an afternoon of thunderstorms rolling though. We ended up losing power around 3:30pm, and it just came back on a short time ago (around 8pm). Needless to say (and yet, I’m saying it), I’m once again dipping back my archives for today’s walk. In honor of today’s boomers (and I wouldn’t be surprised, based on what happened in the next town over, if they determine we had a microburst of sorts), I decided to do a pair of stormy skies wicked wayback Wednesday Walks from July 23rd & 28th 2016.

Some of these have been used in other posts, but the fair majority of the eighteen shots of my wanderings have been sitting on my hard drive, collecting dust, and haven’t been seen by anyone other than our landlady and her family (which, given I’ve mentioned it a bazillion times already, I’m sure you know the story 😊).

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday Walk battery Park which features some awesomesauce (and one that made me giggle, because yes, I have the sense of humor of a five year old) sculptures.

Now, on to my stormy shots from July 23rd & 28th 2016!


July 23rd & 28th 2016
Storm clouds moving in

July 23rd & 28th 2016
A male hummingbird getting a quick snack before the rain starts

July 23rd & 28th 2016
Leave patterns against the cloudy sky

July 23rd & 28th 2016
Raindrops on spiderwebs

July 23rd & 28th 2016
A male Song Sparrow follows Mr Hummingbird’s lead

July 23rd & 28th 2016
A good sign that it’s been wicked rainy and damp…

July 23rd & 28th 2016
… is finding lots of these cute little mushrooms all over the yard.

July 23rd & 28th 2016
More raindrops on spiderwebs on the grass

July 23rd & 28th 2016
The woods at the bottom of the driveway, looking October spooky in July

Another big storm rolling in…

… it’s amazing how quickly the sky changes…

… and to illustrate, I’ll caption the rest of the pictures with the time I took them. This one was taken at 8:47pm

Still 8:47pm

Also 8:47pm


Also 8:48pm (and if you haven’t noticed, yes I’m turning my camera to different parts of the sky

Last one at 8:48pm

And last shot for the now, from 8:49pm.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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