Soundtrack Of My Life – 9 Songs That Tell My Story So Far

Welcome to the soundtrack of my life! Ever since I saw this tag post done by the ever-lovely Em (be sure to check hers out HERE), I’ve been meaning to give it a go. Then the also ever-lovely Hayley recently inspired me to create a playlist blog, but since that’s still a work-in-progress, I figured I’d finally give this a shot today. It’s a ton bit longer than my typical MicroblogMonday offering, so feel free to hit the Fast Forward button in between headings. *grin*

Here’s the blurb from Nicola, the blogger who (I believe) started this –

One constant throughout my life is a love of music, the genres may change depending on my mood- but music soothes, uplifts and amplifies rage! Not many things can evoke so many different emotions. Here are some of the songs, which have meant something to me throughout my life. I invite my friends to share the same, if they feel that they would like to. I feel we learn about a person through their taste in music (mine is bonkers, so take from that what you will).

Now for my choices –

The movie begins on July 29th, 1965

I remember listening to this over and over (and over) on my Close & Play, even though I was annoyed they misspelled my name. *grin*

The Cuff Links – Tracy

After many years, a musical discovery was made…

I will admit that there was a long period of time when this was the only song I knew named “Stairway To Heaven.” Then, one fateful day (after a bowling excursion with my dad and younger sister), I picked what I thought was Neil Sedaka’s classic from the tabletop jukebox at Papa Gino’s, and heard the following instead. My musical tastes were never (thankfully!) the same again.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven

Slow fade into the teen years…

So many choices! Given that one of my concerns about going to college was that there wouldn’t be enough room to take all of my albums (and I created a dBase program to track which ones were where), there are far too many songs that could represent this segue. I decided to go with this sentimental favorite, from the one (and only) movie date I had with a boy in high school.

The love interest appears.

In 1987, hubby (who was, at the time, my brand new boyfriend) took me to see “The Lost Boys” during (if memory serves) the second week of its release. Given that it’s coming up on the 30 year anniversary of the movie and the date, this choice seems appropriate on many levels.

Tim Cappello – I Still Believe (The Lost Boys)

New characters are introduced

Each of our kidlets (now adultlets) has a song associated with their name –


I’d loved the name “Kayleigh” since college, but apparently so did many of my peers, given how pervasive the name was in the mid 90s. However, whilst I was preggers with the eldest, I was reading “The Forest House” by Marion Zimmer Bradley and hubby got the book on tape for his work commute to Boston. When we discovered it was pronounced “Kay-lee-an” (hate to say it, but it rhymes with “alien”) not “Kay-leen” and realized we could call her “Cailli” for short, we had our girl name.

Marillion – Kayleigh


Hubby bonded early on with my (now belated) father over their love of classical music, so my dad was rather pleased with our Wagnerian opera (in part) inspired potential boy’s name choice for my first pregnancy. By the time Teebone arrived in 1997, my dad was too far down the Alzheimer’s road to understand the significance, so I’m glad we came up with the name when we did.

Richard Wagner – “Tristan und Isolde” Prelude


In 2000, Cailli was convinced from day one that she was going to have a baby sister, and told us she wanted to name her after the “angel” song. At that time, we had the Windham Hill Celtic Christmas CD in pretty heavy rotation as the bedtime music-of-choice, and when we saw how the name was spelled on the track listing, hubby & I agreed it was perfect.

Luka Bloom – Ciara

The bad guy makes a grand entrance.

Granted, there were many moments of foreshadowing over the years, but in 2001 I was diagnosed with double depression (long term dysthymia and postpartum depression), with a subplot of generalized anxiety disorder.

Matchbox 20 – Unwell

Now, “let’s all go to the lobby…”

…while we wait to see how the second act unfolds. In the meantime, I’ll let the words of Dave Draiman & Co. sum up how I’m feeling these days –

“Don’t let hope become a memory.
Let the shadow permeate your mind and
reveal the thoughts that were tucked away,
so that the door can be opened again.
Within your darkest memories
lies the answer if you dare to find it…

Sometimes darkness can show you the light.”

Disturbed – The Light

Tag, you’re it!

Rather than specifically tagging people, I’d say if you’re inspired to give this a go, consider yourself tagged! Be sure to shout out when you’ve posted your own, and I’ll share your link below.

Happy Musical Monday!

Soundtrack Of My Life #MicroblogMondays
“Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is?
Read the inaugural post which explains
the idea and how you can participate too.”
~ Melissa S. Ford, Stirrup Queens

The Soundtrack Of My Life

Soundtrack Of My Life. First, this is not a passive voice. Next, I am writing in an active voice. Therefore, my SEO will stop telling me how to write. Furthermore, these sentences are also shorter than twenty words. Rather, stop being so controlling. Especially since most of the sentences in this post are not mine. I will keep going while until you turn green. Soundtrack Of My Life. I can’t believe this is still orange. Finally, it has turned. Success! First, this is not a passive voice. Next, I am writing in an active voice. Therefore, my SEO will stop telling me how to write. Furthermore, these sentences are also shorter than twenty words. Rather, stop being so controlling. Soundtrack Of My Life. Especially since most of the sentences in this post are not mine. I will keep going while until you turn green. I can’t believe this is still orange. Finally, it has turned. Success! Soundtrack Of My Life.

39 thoughts on “Soundtrack Of My Life – 9 Songs That Tell My Story So Far

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  1. Love this Tracey (spelt correctly). I love that each of your children have a song associated with their name. Also, thanks for the shoutout. Stumbled for you xx

    1. LOL! Thanks, Hailei! *wicked grin* And you’re very welcome for the shoutout – oh, and I just checked, and your blog shows up correctly in your WP comment profile thingy. Well done!

  2. Oh, I loved getting to know the various stages of your life through these songs! The Xanadu one I was into at the same time, too.

    Now you have me thinking of my own…any songs out there about “Lori”? I always felt slighted that both my sisters had songs and I didn’t.

    1. Thanks so much, Orla! I wish the original video for Ciara was still in the ‘net, but at least they have a handful of his songs on Spotify.

  3. What a cool idea! I love seeing the evolution of your life (so far), and the songs for each of your children. I’d have to think long and hard on this one for myself, but I really enjoyed listening to yours!

    1. Thanks, Jess! Em did hers at the beginning of May, and I just got around to finishing mine, so I get the long & hard thinking bit! *grin* I’ll keep my eyes open in case you decide to give it a go!

  4. A friend once did a x365 blog about songs that were important in her life. She wove in the songs and the lyrics with her life story. There’s no way I could do that, but I could perhaps do one post like this. I love your choices. I’ll have to think about what mine would be.

  5. Good grief; some of them are blasts from the past and I rather think Disturbed is a good choice…interpret that as you will πŸ˜‰ I’ve seen this tag knocking about and always shied away from it. I have a very dark musical taste and much of it is lyrically solid. I hate music with rubbish lyrics…might be why I found Mr Philpott so funny! Wonderful songs though Traci x

    1. Thanks, kind sir! I hope you change your mind and give this one a go – I’d love to see/hear your choices (and I’m guessing there’s nothing on your soundtrack from Ms. Newton-John – LOL!). And yes, I love the many layered reasons while Disturbed is such a perfect choice for me these days… *wicked grin*

      1. You are most welcome dear Lady. I may give it a go, but currently I’m a bit snowed under with posts I need to catch up on…not to mention CampNaNo this month to finish a novel off! Then it’s find beta readers to tell me its crap lol

  6. What an interesting mix of songs. When I was in middle and high school, the local radio station played Stairway to Heaven every night as their sign off. I was so happy when my parents gave me my own radio one Christmas then I could listen to the song while I was in bed.

    1. That’s such a cool memory, Jennifer! I don’t recall a specific sign off on our local stations, but I have fond memories of putting my tape recorder next to the radio when my favorites songs came on!

  7. I love this idea! What I like more is learning about you through the music of your life. I particularly like how you describe your eldest daughter’s naming of your youngest. I’d never heard the song before, but it’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the soundtrack of your life!

    1. LOL, Angela! You’re not a loser – I figured at least half of the songs would be unfamiliar to most people, but I didn’t expect my choices to be that obscure. Guess my musical taste is a bit more eclectic than I thought… *grin*

      1. I recall once driving down Sunset blvd with my windows down playing, Xanadu, when I hit the light & self consciously turned it down. Then thought better, said what the heck, & turned it up loud. XANADU, XANADUUUU! NOW WE ARE HERE …

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